Oct 23

Fall Fun

Who doesn’t love this time of year!? It’s my fave. I was super excited to take Charlotte to the local pumpkin patch since she wasn’t exactly of appropriate age to partake in the fall festivities last year. I used to go to Gary’s Berries in college (is that weird?) and now we just live down the road from it! My Mom came with us and we met my good friend, Michelle and “the other Charlotte”. It was chilly when we got there but once the sun came out it was pretty perfect!

Hahaaaa, I can’t stop laughing when I look at this picture. Charlotte’s face! “What the heck are my parents making me do here?”Fall Fun Fall Fun I cannot get enough of this girl in her huge leopard coat and beret. Fall Fun Charlotte is super obsessed with all things animals. She saw the goats and started going “oooh oooh!”. She bet them through the chicken wire until the kid next to her nearly got his finger bit off. Aaaand we’re moving on.Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall FunThese girls are just too much. They always get excited when they see each other, and have recently started giving each other hugs. I can’t even. Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall FunFall Fun

It’s hard to believe we are going to be talking HOLIDAYS soon! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are!

Oct 02

Fireside Five on Friday

Can I just say how much I’ve missed Five for Fridays?!?! I know it’s weird, but it’s such a fun way to recapping the week in photos. I’ll be so glad I have this to look back on as Charlotte grows up.

Fireside Five on FridayCue grainy iphone pictures…

ONE– I say it all the time, but it boggles my mind how fast Charlotte is. She moved up to the one year old room at daycare on Monday. Is this not a huge deal to anyone else?! Being the overly emotional Mom that I’ve become, I got in my car and the tears came. I had so many feelings wrapped into one: scared that she was too small for all of the big one year olds, sad that she’s getting so big (I know, it’s an oxymoron- I didn’t say my feelings made sense!), and grateful that she’s ready for the transition and all of the kiddos welcomed her warmly. The teacher in her room is amazing, so I feel super lucky for that. Gosh, this Mom thing is confusing!
I can’t believe she sits in a normal chair and eats! This is only the beginning of all the big girl things to come…

Fireside Five on Friday

TWO– Things are getting festive around here. I did a little fall decorating near the curb. Our house is tucked away behind a forest of trees, so people likely think we a) are creepsters or b) hermits. Eric is convinced that someone will steal everything…and while he might be right, I’m willing to take that risk for the happiness this brings me when I pull into the driveway. HELLO fall!

Fireside Five on FridayFireside Five on Friday

THREE– I recently visited my cousin who has two boys. While there I noticed that Charlotte loved a shopping cart that they had. Being the nice people that they are, they said “it’s yours!” and loaded it in the car (unbeknownst to the boys). Granted, she said this was one of 5 shopping carts they have. Anywho, this has quickly become Charley’s favorite toy! She loads it up, puts her purse around her neck (because where else would a purse go?) and goes. She’s a natural shopper. It’s in her blood.

Fireside Five on FridayFireside Five on Friday

FOUR– These photos both show off how friggen cute this Chiefs Cheerleader is, AND to display just how much Charlotte loves Lilly. She is seriously obsessed with this cat. She doesn’t say many words yet, but one thing she CAN say is “Hiiiii Lilly”. Of course.

Fireside Five on Friday“I’m coming to get you”

Fireside Five on Friday

FIVE– We hit up Ikea in KC last weekend! We were super excited to go. Because we had been living so close to Denver’s Ikea when we lived in Nebraska, we were definitely having withdrawals from all the killer deals. We’re redoing a room in the basement (get excited for that update) so we found some sweet light fixtures and other goodies. Charlotte did remarkably well while we browsed. She wanted out of the stroller, so naturally Dad put her on his shoulders only to receive the sweetest head hug ever. This girl and her hugs. I can’t even handle it.

Fireside Five on FridayWe drove down to Louisburg, KS to take the kids to the cider mill with our BFFS, the Browns. Once we arrived, we quickly realized it was Cider Fest….which meant WAY too many people. Long lines and hot weather does not equal a good time with two toddlers around naptime. So instead we ate at a “diner” in town, which was really more like a giant cafeteria with the median age being 60.

Fireside Five on FridayGetting these two wild children to take a photo is seriously impossible. Please note that neither of them are fully clothed. That’s how we roll.


Well, that’s the week wrapped up! We’re excited for more fun this weekend. Happy Friday!


Sep 15

It’s All in the Details

As I mentioned before, I had so much fun decorating for Charlotte’s first birthday party! I figure that this is probably the first and last party that I get to determine the theme, so I made sure to have a great time planning for it. I want to remember all that went in to that day, so I thought I’d document some of the details that went into making it so special.


I asked Eric’s Mom for photos of him when he was one. She sent me the sweetest snapshots! He was (and still is) such a cutie! I displayed both of our one year pictures for people to compare how Charlotte looks to us at the same age. Its All in the Details I drew inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Sugar Bee Crafts (who also happens lives close to us! holla), for these massive prints of Charlotte’s One Year photos. I had them printed at Office Max for a whopping $3.57. They’re 24×36 prints and I mounted them on insulation board from Hobby Lobby ($2.50 each). It was the easiest and fastest project ever, and I can’t believe how well they turned out. Everyone thought they were canvas prints. Several people commented on how expensive they must’ve been. They were shocked when I told them that they were in fact quite cheap! I’ll be putting them up on the walls of her playroom soon. Its All in the DetailsIts All in the DetailsI set out the Shutterfly photo books I’ve made for her over the year, as well as the scrapbook my Mom has made of her life thus far! She is such a crafty lady! Its All in the DetailsFor food, we did snacks and drinks. I found the cute chalkboard tags at TJ Maxx (top 5 favorite places to shop!). Its All in the DetailsIts All in the DetailsThe kiddos at the party received party favors, which were coloring books, crayons and a little tag thanking them for coming to the party. Its All in the Details My Mom made this amazing Happy Birthday bunting banner. It was the perfect “vintage chic” touch!Its All in the Details Its All in the DetailsBrandon was so nice to hang out with the birthday girl while I ran around making the final touches. It was even during the Nebraska game….and if you know anything about Brandon, you know that holding a fussy baby during the game was quite a sacrifice. That’s a super guy for ya! Its All in the DetailsI printed Charlotte’s month-by-month photos and displayed them in a banner for everyone to see how much she’s grown and changed!  Its All in the Details Its All in the Details


Finally, i needed an extra special way to thank everyone for being a part of Charley’s big day…and her first year as a whole. I created some amazing thank you cards at Treat, a branch of Shutterfly whom I adore and use on a monthly basis for photo printing and book making. I was super excited to give Treat’s cards a try, and of course loved them!

Its All in the Details

Its All in the Details

Its All in the DetailsThey’re beautiful, personalized, and super high quality. I see lots of fun card-making in the future!


Hope everyone has a great week Its All in the Details

Sep 10

Party Animal

The birthday weekend has come and gone. We were all exhausted by Sunday night! But, seriously, i can’t imagine it going any better than it did. Charlotte did SO well with all the people and excitement. That little girl never ceases to amaze me.
I decorated my little heart out. I think I found my new calling…party planning. I love everything about it! And I couldn’t have made this party a reality without my Mom’s help! She did all the grocery shopping, made her birthday banner, made cookies, while I laid on the couch with a stomach virus that decided to grace me with it’s presence on Thursday and Friday before her party. Thanks again, Mom!
We woke her up from her nap on Saturday with balloons in her crib! She really didn’t know what was going on, haha. Party Animal Party AnimalThe kids played together while the adults visited. It was so cute to see all of our friend’s kids in one room getting along so well.
Party AnimalParty AnimalAnd just look at this love! Charley saw that her BFF, Charlotte (yes it’s confusing), was at the party. She crawled quickly over to her and gave her the biggest hug!! Is that not the cutest thing in the world?!? As you can see by our faces, it melted us! Party Animal And of course we did a smash cake! Because what’s a first birthday party without one?Party Animal Party Animal   Party Animal Party Animal She was very delicate with her cake. Once she realized how delicious the icing was, she put huge gobs of it in her mouth. Pretty cute watching her eat her first bit of sugar!Party AnimalParty AnimalParty AnimalParty AnimalWe opened all of the wonderful presents. Charley loved the green frog so much, she had to give it a big hug! What is with this sweet girl and her hugs? I can’t even handle it. Party Animal Party Animal Our good friends (more like family) came to visit from Owasso, OK. We had such a fun time celebrating with them. Jenn is expecting a baby boy in December, so we will have lots more to celebrate very soon!!Party Animal Party Animal Party AnimalAnd Sunday, the Haug family came over to celebrate Charlotte and Uncle Steve’s birthdays! We had lunch, opened presents, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Party Animal Party Animal Party Animal Party Animal Party AnimalLast weekend was the best time! I’m so glad everything went as well as it did. Thanks again to everyone who helped us celebrate Charley’s first year of life!

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