Apr 18

Fireside 5 on Friday

Good Friday Morning! (Did you see what I did there? har har) Life has been pretty crazy lately, so I thought I’d stop for a second to reflect on some of the more fun things happening around here. Without going into detail, I’d just like to ask for your prayers of strength and peace for my Grandma who is battling cancer. Cancer sucks big ones…there’s just no two ways about it.
Charlotte is FINALLY feeling better after a month and a half of being sick with 2 rounds of ear infections and 2 rounds of RSV. Who’s ready for cold season to be over?! We sure are. It was so sad to see her sick and not be able to help her. We have an appointment with the ENT in a few weeks to see if she needs tubes in her ears Fireside 5 on Friday I’m not thrilled about the idea, but whatever is best for our little nugget is what we will do!

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Fireside 5 on Friday


ONE– And she’s on the move! Charlotte is crawling! She started last weekend while we were visiting my Grandma. She only going backwards right now, but I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it soon. She always does Fireside 5 on Friday Time to baby-proof the house!Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday


TWO– Charlotte met the Easter bunny! It’s no secret that Easter is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it! What better way to remember Charlotte’s first Easter than a classic picture with the bunny at the mall. We had lots of smiling pictures to choose from, which we were totally shocked by. I think next year will be a different story when she realizes that a creepy, fuzzy bunny is holding her…Fireside 5 on Friday


THREE– The front porch transformation is almost complete. Eric and my Dad have done so much work the last few weeks. We are really pleased with the result. The steps need to be installed, and then on to some cool landscaping around the sidewalk. Here are some photos to show the progress. Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday


FOUR– I can’t figure out how to add a movie, so let’s pretend that you can hear sweet Charlotte’s voice saying “dada”. It may be a blabber now, but our baby is a chatty Cathy these days! It’s pretty adorable to listen to her talk away. Pretty soon it’ll be real words!

Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday


FIVE– I made this gift for a friend’s bridal shower the other weekend. I love to give personalized gifts! It’s just permanent marker written on a platter and then baked for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven to set it.

Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on FridayThis is another fun project I did recently. I just bought a silver platter at Dollar Tree and painted the center with chalkboard paint. It’s a nice little addition to our hutch in the living room.  Fireside 5 on FridayHope you all have a great weekend!

Mar 28

Fireside 5 on Friday

Where has March gone? We’ve had a month full of fun visitors (every weekend!), sickness (all 3 of us, luckily not at the same time), and house projects. Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on around here.


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Fireside 5 on Friday


ONE– My Dad arrived a couple weeks ago with his tractor to start some serious demolition around here. We are SO appreciative for him and all the work he has done. It’s been a huge lifesaver AND money saver. Eric is excited to show the before and after photos of all the work they’ve done. It feels like a whole new piece of land! While my Dad was here, he wanted to take Charley for her first tractor ride. She loved it while it wasn’t running, but boy did it startle her when the engine started! I love these photos of the two of them so much Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday  Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on FridayAnd this guy is pretty cute, too.Fireside 5 on Friday

TWO– The first leg of the patio project is complete! We love it and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can enjoy sitting out there. Next up, staining, new stairs and ripping out that ridiculous ramp (and replacing it with concrete and pretty landscaping)Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday


THREE– My new craft room! Eric bought these countertops on Craigslist for $50 and installed them for me a few weeks ago. It is so nice having all of that open space to get my craft on.

Fireside 5 on Friday


FOUR– My friend, Leslie, gave me a refresher on how to use my sewing machine the other weekend. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed making some fun new things. We bought some new outdoor furniture from…where else, but a garage sale! It’s in great condition, but the cushions were less than appealing to the eye. So, I bought some cute furniture and recovered all of the cushions. I’m definitely not a pro sewer, and really the only thing I know how to do is make a pillow, so I’ll just pretend this is really impressive work Fireside 5 on Friday

Fireside 5 on FridayThe pillow before and afterFireside 5 on Friday

FIVE– What would a 5 on Friday be without some close ups of this cutie? Unfortunately she’s on her second ear infection and has a nasty cough. Poor thing!! I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make her all better. She’s on antibiotics and starting to look like she’s feeling better. It’s crazy to me how often babies get sick their first year. We sure are learning a lot as new parents!

Fireside 5 on Friday

Look at that red hair!Fireside 5 on FridayHope you all have a great weekend!

Mar 09

Celebrating Charlotte’s Half Birthday!

Charley bug is 6 months old! I know everyone says it, but time sure does fly by, especially with a little one. I think I say it every month, but this is my new favorite stage. Charlotte is babbling, sitting up, eating solids, grabbing things, and putting everything in her mouth. She’s happier now than she’s ever been and her cute personality is really starting to come out. The fun has just begun!
I realized that I haven’t taken a naked baby photo shoot yet…and who doesn’t love to see all of those adorable fat dimples and chunky legs?!

Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday!
My friend, Meagan, gave Charlotte the two adorable headbands she’s wearing in these pictures. She is seriously so talented and makes the CUTEST vintage baby headbands, tiebacks, bonnets, clothes…the list goes on. She has an etsy shop, Little Dream Props, that you should definitely check out here. You can also follow her on facebook to get updates on new items! I’m kind of particular about the headbands I put on Charlotte…some make an indention in her head and I’m sure that can’t feel good. But these headbands are nice and soft for little Charley’s head. Plus they’re dainty and vintage-y, which I love Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday!


Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday! Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday! Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday!
Look at this beauty! I’m kind of obsessed.

Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday! Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday!  Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday! Celebrating Charlottes Half Birthday!
That’s all folks! Be sure to stop by Meagan’s etsy shop to see all of the cuteness!

Feb 28

Fireside 5 on Friday

Happy Friday to you! Where did this week go?? We have a sick baby…which for us, means little sleep around our house (although it’s getting better!). Charlotte has a double ear infection and bronchialitis. Poor thing!! She’s on antibiotics and seems to feeling just fine now. Thank goodness! We’re so grateful for an overall healthy baby, and I know little ones (especially those who go to daycare) seem to pick up everything. But it’s always hard to see your little nugget not feeling well Fireside 5 on Friday Don’t you just want to wave a magic wand that makes it all better? If only.


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Fireside 5 on Friday

ONE– Let the fun of baby food making begin! I’m all for saving money and giving my baby the best, so making her food is right up my alley. That’s not to say that I won’t be buying the store-bought food from time to time. It’s much easier to transport that than the food in our freezer. But it’s pretty nice to just pop one of these cubes out, nuke it for 15 seconds and feed it to the babe. Fireside 5 on Friday
TWO– Charlotte is doing big girl things these days. Part of me is overjoyed, and part of me says “STOP!! STAY LITTLE!!”. Is this a normal mama feeling?
She’s gnawing on an apple in her mesh feeder, AND we started solids a few weeks ago. She loves oatmeal, and isn’t quite sure about peas. We tried sweet potatoes today and she wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’m sure she’ll get used to the taste and come to love her veggies…..right? I’m so impressed with her chewing skills. It’s like she’s been eating solids her whole life! Fireside 5 on Friday Fireside 5 on Friday
THREE– Can you say spoiled? This is how we roll when the whole family goes somewhere. Charley and I in the backseat and Dad and Barkley in the front. We get some interesting looks when people see a giant dog chillin’ in the front seat of the truck. Fireside 5 on Friday

FOUR– What other big girl things is Charlotte doing, you ask? Taking baths in the big girl tub!! She’s officially sitting up on her own without falling, so it was time for the transition. We put her in a laundry basket to contain her a big, and it’s worked out great. I’ll be honest, she only lasts about 5 minutes like this before she starts crying. I’m not sure what it is about the big tub that she doesn’t like. She used to LOVE bathtime in the baby bath, but she’s way too big for it now. She’s slowly getting to where she can stand it longer and longer each time. We’ll keep trying! For now, short baths it is. Fireside 5 on FridayFireside 5 on Friday
FIVE– I want a lot of things for Charlotte, but one of them is for her to constantly wonder and dream. I think with two parents like Eric and I, she’s bound to have a little dreamer in her. Fireside 5 on FridayHave a great weekend!

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