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May 30

Ladder Herb Garden

I’ve been wanting a small space designated for herbs only. And, who’s surprised, the hubs made one! And not just any “space” for herbs. It’s the most unique herb garden I’ve seen, and I’m in love (with the herb garden and my handy hubby, naturally).

When my parents were visiting over Easter, my Dad (who is also amazingly creative) suggested that we use some of our old drawers that were hanging out in the burn pile for something. Those two creative minds came up with this shelf ladder concept that is now my herb ladder garden! Wow.

This is Eric planning it out. I’ve learned how to plan before creating from him. I tend to just not quite think projects through before going to town.

Ladder Herb GardenThese are the three drawers that he used.Ladder Herb GardenHe attached plastic to the insides of all three drawers to keep water from ruining the wood. Genius, I tell ya!Ladder Herb Garden

And here she is!

We’ve got green onions, cilantro and basil

Ladder Herb Garden

May 29

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform

I like to call this post the “behind the scenes post” mostly because this is the stuff you will never see.  The raised drainage platform was a necessity because the main drain (the big black one on the right in the first picture) did not have a place where we could connect the bathroom drainage to the rest of the house’s drainage.  So instead of breaking concrete, we built the floor up to accommodate the plumbing.

This part was just like the electrical, moving the washer and dryer, and general demolition posts in that I had a rough idea of what to do, but it was still my first run through for that skill.

I hope you enjoy and possibly even learn something!

The first picture is the final product of all the calculations and cutting.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform The first step in building the raised drainage platform was to get the outside dimensions measured and cut.

Who knew that you would still need to remember all that geometry stuff that you learned back in high school?!?!

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform Once the outside was put together, I decided it was a good idea to check the measurements.  If I get this wrong and mess up the installation of the toilet and shower on the platform I have a big issue on my hands!

And YES the paint bucket is my test to see if the toilet fits!! 🙂

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformHere is where I cut the top of the platform.  I used 3/4 inch plywood for a solid top for the toilet and shower to rest on.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformQuick Tip:  Use a board that’s clamped down to make a straight cut.  This lets you focus on keeping your hands safe while your cut looks perfect.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformThis was the start of my dry run of the plumbing.  During this part I Skyped with my father in-law to get his thoughts since he helped pick out much of the plumbing pieces.  Thank Mike for the guidance on this!  God knows what it would have looked like with just me at the helm.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformBelow I’m cutting the PVC for the drain.  I’m not convinced that this is the best way to make this cut happen, but it worked for me.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformThis was how I cut the toilet drain and the shower drain into the top of my platform.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage PlatformAnd TA-DA!!  After all that measuring and cutting, and then re-cutting, and then re-re-cutting I finally got everything to fit!  The tall pipe against the wall is a vent.  I definitely didn’t know those were necessary at the start of this project.

The raised drainage platform was the most stressful part of this project.  If  there’s one leak it means I’m taking the entire thing apart to fix it, so it had to perfect on the first try.  Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions on why I did a certain step.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform

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Here are some additional pictures of the finished product that I just recently came across.

Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform Bathroom Remodel: Raised Drainage Platform

May 24

Sunday Fun-day

We love spending our weekends working on projects. But we’ve learned that sometimes the best way to spend a Sunday is not working but PLAYING instead– Sunday Fun-day style!!

For this past Sunday Fun-day we chose to hit up the links (i.e. Golfing) and do a little fishing at a nearby small town.  Here’s how it went down….put the boat in, decide we want to golf first, take the boat out, golf 9 holes, eat gas station food, put the boat in, sit in the boat while it rains, gaze at the rainbow, fish. Phew! Never a dull moment!

I love the first picture- it’s Kelli being a sport and sitting in the boat while our friend Brandon and I do some fishing…in the rain.  She’s having a good time chilling and eating a slightly damp Nutty Bar. 🙂

Sunday Fun dayThis was the beautiful rainbow that came out after the storm had passed.  All three of us were convinced that we actually saw the end of the rainbow in the lake that we were fishing on.  No gold and leprechauns for us though, bummer.

Sunday Fun dayMe with a big ole’ cheese ball smile

Sunday Fun dayPrior to getting on the lake we hit a round of 9 holes on the golf course next to the lake.  Look at that form!

Sunday Fun day

Sunday Fun daySunday Fun dayThis is our idea of a Sunday Fun-day. What’s yours?

  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Weekend!! We are looking forward to spending ours with my family who is visiting this weekend!


May 22

This is how we welcome summer

This is how we welcome summer

This is how we welcome summerThis is how we welcome summer

First patio party of the year down, 100 more to go

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