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Mar 23

The BIGGEST news yet!

We’ve made some exciting announcements on our blog in the past- buying a house, moving, getting jobs, etc. But NOTHING compares to the excitement of this announcement:


WE’RE EXPECTING!! The BIGGEST news yet! The BIGGEST news yet! Our “mini” will be joining us in September! We are beyond excited 🙂

It’s been SO hard keeping it from our friends and family over the last few months, but we wanted to make sure that we were in the “safe zone” before we made the big announcement. Every expectant couple has a different level of comfort in sharing their news, and that’s OK!

Now that it’s out, we can start sharing all of the exciting things happening at the house in effort to get ready for a little rugrat! AND, I must say that a huge reason that I haven’t been blogging as much lately is because I’ve been unbelievably exhausted in the evenings when I get home from work. I really had no idea the level of tiredness one could feel…but I’m sure it’ll only get worse with the sleepless nights in our future. It’s all worth it though 😉 Other than being tired, I’ve been lucky enough to feel pretty darn well. There were a few weeks of nausea, some headaches, and lack of appetite, but it could really be so much worse! It’s amazing to me how everyone goes through the same process but with such different experiences.

So that’s the big news! We’re happy to have this medium as a way to share all of our adventures and projects with friends, family and whoever stops by, but now it has a new meaning- our blog is also an amazing way to show our little ones what we did before they came along, and to continue to document our journey as a growing family!


Now, if only Spring would get here…

Mar 04

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

If you didn’t know the Rineharts moved, we have.  We actually haven’t officially lived in Sidney house, which we miss so very much, since the beginning of December.  Problem is, I still haven’t finished all the posts that came along with the bathroom remodel project that we’ve, SPOILER ALERT, have already finished.  I suppose the fact that it’s complete is a good thing for the next owner to not have a bathroom that is 3/4 forth complete!  If you haven’t seen the learning in process you can check out some of the beginning stages here.

So here is what we are going to do.  I’m going to try and combine a few different steps of the build together and display in mini-posts.  The first stop in our mini-project tour is going to be the painting of the walls.  Kelli is the decorator of the Rinehart duo.  For the bathroom she wanted an airy fresh color since the bathroom is in a basement.  I think the color turned out pretty nice.  I’m not sure what the name is, I’m sure its something slightly ridiculous like Easter bunny teal or possibly spring tulip petal green, but I’m sure she can let you know if you ask.

One of the steps I was most proud of was the shower stall.  Overall I feel like it’s pretty official.  The corners were clean and at 90 degree angles, there were no leaks in my plumbing. the platform didn’t collapse when I stood on.  I mean what else could you ask for?!?!

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Such an artist (pronounced like art-eest)  I’m getting fancy.Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up We got this contraption at IKEA.  I would highly recommend this drying rack to anyone without kids as it works very well.  For those of you with kids, coming from a kid in an adult body, this looks like a climbing challenge waiting to be conquered.  Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

The toilet is looking good against the New England Boat Moss paint color don’t you think?

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch UpThat concludes the first part of the mini-post tour.  Next stop, big hole left in the wall.  To cover this hole we had a pretty neat idea.  We decided to make a barnwood door and use rollers on a track as the mechanism to gain access to the hole.  So rather than pull it open towards you you will slide it to the left and right.

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Again, we used the neutral base paint to seal the door so the moisture from the shower doesn’t create mold or any other disgusting substance that bathrooms create.  I really love that texture.  You will begin to see that theme in a lot of the projects that we do.  Plus the wood is free and when you run out you offer to remove your neighbors old fence so they can replace their “eyesore” of a fence. 😉

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

 The third step is our unattractive pipe going from the ceiling to the floor.  I can’t say we were very creative on this one, we only painted it.   Surprisingly though, it cleaned it up pretty well.

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch UpBathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up  Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch UpI don’t have a ton of pictures of the base boards.  It’s these details that helped make the room really look like a finished space.   Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

This is one of the mistakes that I made during the bathroom remodel.  I went to put in a recessed light or also referred to as a “can light” at the bottom of the stairs right outside of the bathroom.  I didn’t think anything of it when I went to make the cut but I didn’t take into consideration the floor joist on the other side of the ceiling.  Needless to say I had to do a little drywall repair.

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

The final stop on the tour is the bead board ceiling.  This part was pretty difficult because of the amount of angles and large pieces of bead board that we used.  I was able to only use 4 total sheets of 4′ X 8′ white bead board.

I did quite a bit of prep work to make sure everything was going to work like I was expecting.  I cut small pieces of 2X4s and screwed them into the floor joist.  This dropped the ceiling down far enough that I didn’t have any issues with the plumbing or electrical work.

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

For this part, I was lucky enough to have my buddy Andrew there to give me a hand.  His job is a high school math teacher, so that extra help with all the angles that I mentioned before was very much appreciated.  Andrew and I grew up together since we were wee little tikes in the 6th grade.  It seems like just yesterday I was schooling him in some basketball on his old school garage mounted goal.  Good times!

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

Bathroom Remodel: The Photo Catch Up

And ta-da!  I know these are great “after” pictures, but there will be more to come.  What that really means is that I need to learn how to use Photoshop so Kelli doesn’t have to edit all of our pictures.  Just put it on my tab:)

Hope you have enjoyed.  Until next time!


Mar 02

Snow Days

Do you ever have those weeks….or months, that seem like a complete whirlwind? That’s what we’re in right now. I really can’t believe it’s already March. Things happened unusually fast for us regarding the move to Kansas, buying a new house, getting and starting new jobs, moving in, etc. so it feels like life is just now sinking in.

We’re still trying to figure out the whole blogging AND having a life/getting things done thing. I just don’t get how people do it. Well, technically I do…they make time for it and probably sacrifice sleep. But I’ve decided that sleep is the only thing that’s helping me function at this point and that it’s just plain necessary.

We have an insane amount of projects and excitement surrounding our new house. We talk about sharing all of these ideas with you guys, but when it comes down to the writing…the time just doesn’t present itself. But I will tell you that we do this because we really do love it. We love sharing our stories with people and it’s so neat to have a bit of a virtual scrapbook to document our life! There are so many times that we look back on the blog to see how we did something or to remember an event we went to. SO, with all of that said, we are going to try our darndest to do more updates and share how we are making this house our home.

I was so grateful for a snow day last week. We had quite a productive day, and a little fun in the snow thrown in there too. This week, Eric got a snow day but I had to go in to work 🙁 I was really hoping for another carefree day of organizing and decorating around the house…
Here’s what happens to Eric on a snow day. He turns into a 5 year old boy. It’s adorable.

Snow Days Snow Days Barkley likes to catch snow balls. He may or may not think they’re treats. Snow Days Snow angels…Snow Days Snow DaysThat’s right, Barkley is lying on top of Eric. They have a special relationship.  Snow DaysWe also made a snowman, but I didn’t snap a picture of him. He was taller than me!


And this is the view out of the kitchen window on our second big snow day.
Snow Days

We quickly learned the one major disadvantage of having a long gravel driveway. When it comes to snow, our driveway and lane becomes an absolute mess. Thank goodness for a 4 wheel drive truck….but my little car doesn’t exactly do well in the gunk.

Although the snow is beautiful and we love the moisture (for our new pond!), I’d be fine if it doesn’t snow for another year.


Next up: Home updates!