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Jul 15

Another Shower!

I am spoiled. That’s just all there is to it. And now, Charlotte is spoiled too! My girlfriends Jena and Angela threw me an AMAZING shower the other weekend! I’m just not sure how I got so lucky to have such wonderful friends who know me so well and are such amazing party planners! I loved every minute of it. THANK YOU again ladies, so much 🙂Another Shower!


My dear friend, Jenn, was kind enough to drive the 9.5 hours from Sidney for this shower! She really should win an award. She never lets distance keep her from making events so special. You are the best! And Brandon, you should win an award too for being a supportive husband and driving all of those miles together 🙂 Eric and I appreciate it more than you know!Another Shower!


Jaime and I have been friends since we were four years old. I’m so lucky to have a BFF to share all of life’s ups and downs with throughout these years. Charley will LOVE her Auntie Jaime as much as I do…just as long as she keeps all powercats away!! (that’s your warning!)Another Shower!
And of course, the lovely hosts! Thanks for making my shower so special! It was EXACTLY what I wanted 🙂Another Shower!
And just look at this awesome diaper cake! I’m set for diapers, that’s for sure! And the Charlotte sign is SO cute! It went straight in the nursery on the wall, so get excited for that reveal. Another Shower! Another Shower!
And of course the presents. Did I mention that they spoiled me?? Charley will be the best dressed gal in the county! Another Shower! Another Shower!Thanks again friends!!

Jul 14

What Sundays are Made of

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sundays are glorious. And this Sunday morning, the weather was beautiful AND our first tomato was ready to be picked! This is an exciting day around our household. We’ve been watching this little guy, waiting for the perfect picking hour. In the two years past, we’ve put a lot of effort into gardening but haven’t seen a lot of produce come from it (see here), . We blame the inconsistent weather and constant hail storms of Western Nebraska. So to see a ripened tomato this early in KS was super exciting! What Sundays are Made of
Barkley took a little time this morning to stop and smell the flowers. He knows what’s important in life.What Sundays are Made of
These guys will be ready in a few days/weeks/however long they need!What Sundays are Made of
You should also know that I brought it inside, washed it up, sprinkled some salt on it and ate the whole dang thing. It was “the best tomato I’ve ever had”…direct quote from me this morning to my loving husband. What Sundays are Made of
Just a Sunday morning glimpse of our back patio where our container gardens are growing.What Sundays are Made of Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Jul 12

Fireside Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!

We missed last week’s Five on Friday link party because we were getting our relax on during our babymoon! Like we shared here,  we had an awesome trip filled with adventures and relaxation. But, Monday meant back to reality. Isn’t so hard to go back to work after a long weekend?! It’s like torture I tell ya! Luckily, this week has gone by fast and now it’s already my favorite day of the week!

To share in the Friday fun, link up below:

Fireside Five for Friday!


There’s something about drinking coffee on a porch that makes life so great. Weston, MO (our babymoon location) is such a quiet, quaint town. Even though we live outside the city now, we can still hear road noise. There’s none of that here, and I LOVED it! Eric and I sat on the porch drinking our coffee and enjoyed some quiet time before breakfast. This is what vacations are made of. It really is the little things in life…

Fireside Five for Friday!



Demolition #2 in the new house is underway! The first demolition was outside (here), so this is officially the first huge inside project. Eric is re-tiling our front bathroom! I can’t describe how excited I am for this renovation. People, there was carpet in half of this bathroom. I just don’t understand carpet in bathrooms. ESPECIALLY when the previous owners obviously took the time to tile half of it and not the other half. So weird to me. I’m so lucky to have a handy hubby like Eric 🙂 Now that the bathroom is painted and we’ll soon have new flooring, it’s going to be a brand new room!

Fireside Five for Friday!



I’ll be honest, this little gem isn’t from this week….it’s from two weeks ago. But like I said, I missed last week’s Friday post! My dear friends Jena and Angela threw me an amazing baby shower a couple weekends ago! Oh boy, how did I get so lucky to have friends like these gals? More on this shower to come later!

Fireside Five for Friday!



As you probably know by now, I’m slightly obsessed with the nursery. What can I say, it’s my favorite room in the house…by far! I’m nesting like a mo fo, so I thought I’d share this cute little nook of the room with you. I found the coat hanger at a garage sale a few years ago and thought it was perfect for Ms. C’s room. Eric spray painted it white for me. On the hangers are a few very special items. The booties are vintage from an antique store Eric and I stopped into on one of our trips back home. The gown and hat are my baptismal outfit! So adorable. I can’t wait to put Charley in it and compare pictures. Finally, the little brass heart and key are from my room as a child. I had an old antique dresser growing up and lets just say I was REALLY into changing my clothes 29389 times a day as a kid. It was kind of a problem. SO, my Mom had no other choice but to lock my drawers with the skeleton key to keep me out of there! I was super sneaky though, and would manage to climb on my dresser, get the key, unlock it, get what I wanted out of the drawer, climb back up to replace the key and thought no one would notice….until one day, the dresser fell straight on top of me. I learned my lesson that day.

Fireside Five for Friday!



So, I’m kind of in to this new fad (at least I think it’s new) of making your own laundry detergent. I know that sounds super Little House on the Prairie, but I love the idea of not spending a ton of money on detergent! I’m allergic to most laundry detergents, so I like that this wouldn’t bother my skin. And it’s super cheap to make a year’s supply! I did make my own dishwashing detergent last year and we’re still using it (more on that later), so I’m pretty sold on this idea. Has anyone tried this recipe??

Fireside Five for Friday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Jul 09

Baby Shower Fun!

My beautiful friends Hannah and Carly threw me the most wonderful shower a couple weekends ago! I didn’t expect anything less, but boy did these girls bring their A-game. It was crafty perfection and just so thoughtful that I didn’t want it to be over! Baby Shower Fun!

Just look at this amazing spread of food, books, and a sweet little gift for Miss Charley. Each person wrote a “wish” for Charlotte and they all went into that adorable jar (below) for her to read one day. Eric and I read them when I got home…and of course I shed a tear or two. I blame the hormones 🙂Baby Shower Fun! We played a few games (which I love, by the way), which were super fun. Let’s just say I’m a little on the competitive side when it comes to playing games. I reeled it in, though..I was on my best behavior. Baby Shower Fun! Baby Shower Fun!And here’s the gang! Miss Georgia wanted me to eat her teether, hence my huge smile and hand in my face.
My Mom took this picture, so she’s in the next one 🙂 Baby Shower Fun! Baby Shower Fun!Thanks again Hannah and Carly for making my shower so perfect! And thanks to everyone who came. I feel so lucky to have this great group of gals as friends 🙂


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