Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 29

Miss Charlotte: 8 Months

Yes, these are late….but better late than never, right? These were actually taken on her 8 month birthday and I’m just getting around to posting them. It is getting more and more difficult to photograph this little bug because she is most definitely on the move! Baby is crawling, putting everything in her mouth, and really never stops going. She’s proving to be very head strong and persistent…which I’m sure to very much appreciate about her in the years to come. I know it will make raising her a bit more challenging, but I’ll always remember that they are wonderful qualities to possess. She’s shy around people she meets for the first time and is quite stingy with smiles when we’re in public. She giggles a lot at home (which is seriously the best!) and eats wonderfully! We haven’t found a food she doesn’t like. She’s very petite still (and probably always will be) and her hair is getting redder by the day, which we LOVE! It’s amazing to watch her learn something new every day and grow like a weed!Miss Charlotte: 8 Months Miss Charlotte: 8 Months Miss Charlotte: 8 Months Miss Charlotte: 8 MonthsOn another note, she is getting tubes surgery tomorrow morning due to her constant ear infections 🙁 Prayers for a healthy, quick recovery and safe surgery would be wonderful!

May 27

Fun Before and Afters!

Think we stopped blogging? Yea, me too there for a while. Life is busier than ever, but I thought I’d stop for a second to relish in the progress we are making on the house. It’s not a secret that we aren’t huge fans of the exterior of our house. The dreams and to-do list are extensive for changes we’d love to make to make it more pleasing to the eye. With a LOT of help from my Dad (and his tractor) and some serious sweat, it’s really coming along. Eric is seriously so talented and handy- I’m one lucky girl.


BEFORE: Who doesn’t need a wooden ramp to welcome one to their home? And then there’s the lovely porch deck without railings…don’t you just wonder what people were thinking when they made decisions?Fun Before and Afters!IN PROGRESS: Slowly but surely it came along. The first step was a new deck, then railings, new stairs, and finally a new sidewalk leading to the deck.Fun Before and Afters!AFTER: We spend so much time out on the new porch now! With the new (refurbished) furniture and beautiful view, it’s pretty fantastic to be out there now.

Fun Before and Afters!

Fun Before and Afters!

Fun Before and Afters!


BEFORE: Eric and my Dad went to town with the tractor and pretty much cleared out both sides of the lane. It’s a true transformationFun Before and Afters!

Although we loved the canopy, it was so overgrown that trucks couldn’t make it down the lane.Fun Before and Afters!

AFTER: So much cleaner!Fun Before and Afters!


Eric is almost done with the amazing barn door baby gate he made. More on that later!



And this nugget, just because it’s adorable. Father-daughter love is the best 🙂Fun Before and Afters!