Dec 07

3 Months, and Christmas Decorating!

Did I say every post wasn’t going to be about Charlotte? That’ll start another day. I can’t get enough of her!!


I can’t believe our baby girl is 3 months old!! Boy, have we learned a lot in that time. I never understood what people meant when they said “they grow up so fast!”. It couldn’t be more true. So, we will just continue to remind ourselves to enjoy every.single.moment.3 months laughing 3 months smiling “look mom! I’m holding it all by myself!”3 Months Charlotte and Lilly
She was particularly smiley the other night while I was making dinner, so we decided to have an impromptu photo session. I can’t miss these sweet moments! Thank goodness for cameras that capture the memories 🙂Christmas PJs laughing in xmas PJs looking away
Christmas decorating will never be the same.  Mama’s little helper!Christmas decoratingIMG_7912


  1. mom

    Oh my gosh, I love this post! You’ll have to send me the pictures so I can save them to my phone. She’s adorable!!! I love the last photo with those bright eyes!

  2. Theresa

    Hey Kell, great photos, she really is growing so fast! She is such a smiley girl! Love to all of you, hopefully I’ll get to meet Charlie soon!

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