Jun 24

Vacation: Lake Style

Ahhh, vacation! We have looked forward to this trip since last year when we went with a group of friends to Lake Hamilton in Arkansas. We decided then that this will be a yearly tradition. This year, it was just us and our good friends (more like family, really) and their little guy. It was a perfect mix of relaxing and adventure. We were fortunate enough to stay in Jenn’s parent’s BEAUTIFUL lakeside home, AND ride on their pontoon boat! Here’s a little rundown of the trip in photos (and no, they’re not in order)….

Vacation: Lake Style  The boys ordered oysters at the restaurant on the lake one night. What’s cooler than a restaurant you can drive your boat to?? Love it. Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Charley gave Jackson lots of hugs and kisses on the trip. I think she’s getting the hang of this big sister thing!Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  The best part of grocery shopping was the awesome car carts they had! She was one happy shopper 🙂Vacation: Lake Style  We spent a lot of time on the covered porch playing with babies and watching the boats go by. Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  It rained the whole trip down to the lake, but by the time we got to Lake Hamilton, a rainbow was waiting for us. It’s like it was saying “welcome, the weather will be beautiful for your trip!”.Vacation: Lake Style    Vacation: Lake Style  This little cowgirl sat on a saddle for the first timeVacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Kissing his piggies!Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  We were so impressed with how well Charlotte did on the looooong road trip. We left at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning and didn’t get to the lake until 6:00 p.m. We pulled out all the entertainment we could, including learning how funny TWO binkies in the mouth is. Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleGQ pose Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleCharlotte loved the boat! Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleSo did Jackson 🙂 The life jackets though, not so much.  Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleBoys will be boys- jumping off the dock Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style    Not creepy at all…Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style

Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style It’s never fun leaving a wonderful vacation. But we have many more years to look forward to! I’m sure as the kids grow up, they’ll have fond memories of our summer lake adventures!

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