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Aug 30

A Time To Harvest: Vegetable Garden Update

It’s time for another garden update! I can’t explain how excited Eric and I are when a new veggie is ready to be picked. It’s pretty ridiculous how we carry on each time we pick something from the garden. Since our garden last year was hailed out…multiple times…we never have been able to relish in the harvesting excitement.

The second most exciting thing about having our own produce is using it in our everyday cooking! More on that to come later….think salsa and pesto. yummm!

So here is a garden update, including our first harvest of the year, in pictures!

Aug 08

Fireside Five on Friday and 11 Month Photo Shoot!

So apparently the blog is now solely devoted to monthly Charlotte updates and Five on Fridays. We (meaning mostly Eric) have been doing DIY projects out the wazoo at home, but they just don’t quite make it to the blog these days. For now, here are a few things we’ve been up to…

Miss Charley girl turned 11 months on Wednesday! That’s just one month closer to a big one year old! I still can’t believe it…but I say that every month. Taking photos of her has never been more difficult. She doesn’t sit still! This month, she took her first steps (watch out world!), learned to clap, talks all the time, and got cuter…if that’s possible.

up close  playing with rocks   crawling away 11months All of Us

On to Five on Friday! These are from the last couple of months as a little update…

ONE– We have fox friends! They showed up on our PORCH of all places one Saturday morning. We had eaten breakfast out there and apparently left some food behind. They were brave enough to come up to the house and eat away. Barkley was at my parents house….he never would’ve let that happen. They’re just pups, so they’re seriously adorable! They come up near the house nearly every night and look for food. I get that we probably shouldn’t be excited that we have fox around (especially with a little cat running around), but for now, they’re causing no harm and they’re cute to see!IMG_9337 IMG_9344


TWO– Yea, we’re in this stage…climbing on everything! It’s hilarious to watch her try to fit in tiny spaces. dishwaser in hutchTHREE– Playing in the baths with friends is fun! Charley’s BFF, Charlotte, came over and we couldn’t resist putting them in the tub together. It’s so amazing to watch these two grow up together. They’re really starting to play, rather than just stare at each other. Dinners together have never been so exciting!playing in bathlooking up in baththe girls playing


FOUR– I have yet to do a post on our 4th of July vacation with our friends! This is one of the many photos from the weekend. We made so many great memories on that trip- I hope we make it a yearly tradition!!Group SmilingFIVE– Our garden is out.of.control. I’ve never seen cucumbers as big as we’re getting, and the tomatoes are coming in by the dozens. I guess that’s what happens when you have 27 tomato plants….woops. We’ve been giving produce away to people every day, so this is just part of the loot from two day’s harvest. Whew! Eric and I have enjoyed gardening since our first house in Sidney, so it’s a fun thing we love to keep going and learning from. Maybe Charley will have a green thumb from all the time she spends out there!

20140808-114133.jpgHope everyone has a great weekend!

Oct 28

Goodbye For Now, Garden

My dearest garden, you’ve been good to us this year. Our time was cut short last year with the hail storms, but by golly, all of the tender loving care we gave to you this spring/summer paid off in yummy vegetables. Now, not a lot of gardens survived the heat this summer. But, we weren’t about to lose another garden to the tough weather conditions, so we watered you three times a day if that’s what you required. Garden, you’ve taught me a lot. Not just about vegetables, but about the effort it takes to nurture something that you really love. I never thought that I would enjoy gardening until we took on this big adventure. Now I don’t know what it would be like to not have my own garden.


I digress. Now for the photos! In looking through my pictures this morning, I realized that we haven’t done a garden update in way too long! These photos go all the way back to August. We last told you about our very first harvest of the year here. We’ve harvested a lot more vegetables and herbs since then, made delicious recipes (like salsa and pesto), and froze/stored our surplus.



You have no idea how exciting this sight is….unless you garden, and then you get it. The second most exciting is walking back out another day to see all of the once green tomatoes a brilliant red. Love!The crops got a little scraggly at times, but with a nice helping of water, they always perked back up.


October: The carrots were ready to be harvested!We had to harvest all of the vegetables on this day because we were expecting a freeze that night. We didn’t get as many red tomatoes as we’d hoped for. I did pick all of the large green tomatoes and froze them for a later recipe….I’m thinking fried green tomatoes.

Unfortunately, all of our cucumbers this season were extremely bitter tasting. The owner of the local greenhouse said that there’s an old wives tale that says if you rub both ends of the cucumber before peeling, they will no longer be bitter. It didn’t quite work that way for us…

November: The potatoes were ready to be harvested.

Eric was excited for this because last year was so surprising. We had no idea how spread out potatoes grow until last year. This harvest was quite plentiful. We approximated that we got about 5 dozen potatoes. Not too shabby!This is what the garden looked like after the first freeze. Although it’s sad to see it all wilted, we knew it was coming, thankfully.We will be eating potatoes for months…