Dec 30

A Country Christmas

Whew, the whirlwind is finally windy down (say that 5 times fast). The move to Kansas was a smooth one and we were so grateful to be close to family for the holidays. Although we weren’t able to see all of our families, it was a lot more than previous years due to the distance. We also noticed a calm about the holidays this year because we didn’t have the impending drive to dread or the packed vehicle like we’ve been used to. Although we miss our friends back in Sidney SO much, we know this move was such a blessing for us in so many ways. Our apartment (temporary housing) isn’t exact something to write home to mom about, it has the necessities we need till we can move into our permanent home. Barkley is adjusting wonderfully (thank you Lord!) and Lilly is hanging out in my parent’s barn getting used to being an outdoor cat until we move into a house. Overall, we’re happy, healthy (the flu bug has yet to visit!) and enjoying being a Kansan once again.  This is the Rinehart version of a Country Christmas.

Now, onto the pictures!
chloe jumpingChloe and Barkley really hit it off. Isn’t she adorable??

Eric and I in front on mantleThe token Christmas picture by the fireplace 🙂

ChloeWe love a white Christmas! This was in Kearney, MO at the Rinehart Christmas gathering.

Festive dogs Penelope and Barkley like to dress up for the holidays! Surprisingly enough, Barkley didn’t hate the reindeer hat.

Jillian and Barkley Jillian and BarkleyReindeer Barkley Talking to the horseAnd a trip to Kansas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to see the horses and cows in the pasture. Dad is having a heart-to-heart with this guy.Horses walking down the hill Mad cowI think some of the cows got jealous that we were petting the horses and not them. We have enough love to go around!  Both horses with sunset Eric and I petting horses Dad with the white horse White horse- profile The Christmas shuffleI love the hustle bustle of Christmas gift giving/opening Chatting with Family Playing gamesChristmas also isn’t complete without some embarrassing game-playing…Dad’s mission was to guess who each person was, while blindfolded, by only touching their faces. Keep in mind, two of them were twins!  Kansas sunsetKansas sunsets will always be my favorite…

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  1. mom

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I’m glad you guys were able to be here…but it’s never long enough:)

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