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We have a passion for creating new ideas, discovering innovative ways to make our home pretty and doing it all on a budget.

This is us:

Eric and I on stairs IMG_5350

We are Eric and Kelli. Together, we are a dynamic duo who love to have fun, be outdoors, entertain, and DIY like nobody’s business.
Kell: I am inspired by all things vintage.  I  love to whip up new (and hopefully delicious) concoctions in the kitchen to feed my friends, who are daring enough to eat it.
Eric:  I’m the builder of the duo.  I refuse, if at all possible, to pay someone to build it, fix it, or design something that I think I can do myself .  Most of our projects are driven by the goal to save money.
Here is our story….

 This is our dog:

His name is Barkley.  He’s an almost 2 year old purebred German Shepherd.  We never thought that this would be such a challenging, yet rewarding journey.  He is protective, to say the least, and has made meeting new friends tough. However, when he does warm up to you, he is the biggest lover and cuddler ever.

**We just moved to Kansas! Stay tuned for our adventure in buying a new home and all that goes with it!

This is our (old) house:

It is the perfect starter home in a wonderful neighborhood (with the best neighbors ever!)

This is our town:

We relocated to a small town in Nebraska in May 2010 for our careers and were were married in September. When we say small, we mean population 6,500. It has been quite an adjustment for us, but we’re definitely making the most of it. The only major store we have here is Wal-Mart, so when we do travel the 100 miles to the nearest larg(ish) town, we have to stock up. This also means that when we do projects, we are usually utilizing materials that we have around the house or find around town. Our unique situation has forced us to make do with what we have and to learn how to create things from scratch.



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  1. mom

    I love this page about you two. It’s a great picture of Barkley…and you two look great also:). Love ya lots!

  2. Pallu

    Very nice website and blogs. I am definitely cooking the Sunday morning grub!!Thanks for the wonderful recipe and other tips!! Love Barkley’s Smile!!

  3. Roxanne

    You guys have put together a great website. such clever ideas! Wish you guys lived closer!

    1. Kelli

      Thanks, Roxanne! It’s been a lot of fun working on the website together. We miss everyone back home for sure, but hopefully this is a fun way of catching up with us. Hope you’re doing well!

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