Jul 09

Baby Shower Fun!

My beautiful friends Hannah and Carly threw me the most wonderful shower a couple weekends ago! I didn’t expect anything less, but boy did these girls bring their A-game. It was crafty perfection and just so thoughtful that I didn’t want it to be over! Me and the Hosts

Just look at this amazing spread of food, books, and a sweet little gift for Miss Charley. Each person wrote a “wish” for Charlotte and they all went into that adorable jar (below) for her to read one day. Eric and I read them when I got home…and of course I shed a tear or two. I blame the hormones 🙂Shower Decorations We played a few games (which I love, by the way), which were super fun. Let’s just say I’m a little on the competitive side when it comes to playing games. I reeled it in, though..I was on my best behavior. Shower Game Shower GameAnd here’s the gang! Miss Georgia wanted me to eat her teether, hence my huge smile and hand in my face.
My Mom took this picture, so she’s in the next one 🙂 All the girls Shower!Thanks again Hannah and Carly for making my shower so perfect! And thanks to everyone who came. I feel so lucky to have this great group of gals as friends 🙂


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