May 19

Backyard Makeover: Garden Fence and More

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Link tool by InlinkzThis post is from our previous blog- a tutorial on the fence surrounding our garden. Enjoy!

This is purely the hubby’s work. I can’t take any credit for it whatsoever….except maybe sharing my ideas. He is truly a handy man and I’m convinced, can make literally anything he wants to. Everyone should have an “Eric” around the house.


So, the first addition is this handy dandy workbench!

I’ve been complaining that I don’t like potting plants on the ground and would rather have a hard surface. So he just whipped this baby up. It’s the most organized, compact workbench I’ve seen. And it took him a couple of hours. Unbelievable.

 After we created the raised bed garden, Barkley thought it was his playground.

So, a barrier around the garden was necessary.

Therefore, this is what we used for a couple of weeks.

Can you say ghetto?


Well, we weren’t going to settle for ghetto.

Eric went to town on creating the coolest fence around the garden.

OK, the idea was mine for the fence, but he is the creative genius behind making it happen.

Here’s how it went down…

 He decided to make a terrace as the grand entrance to the garden.

Genius I tell ya, genius.

 It’s nearly impossible to tell here, but between each 2×4 is chickenwire….very thin wire netting

I’ll try to get a closer shot of it at some point


And then came the a-ma-zing terrace of an entrance

 Can you believe this?

I can’t believe it.

When I was in Greeley for a conference, Eric created this masterpiece.

I can’t get over it.

So now, every day when we walk out to the garden to check out the STILL green tomatoes, we walk into a garden oasis that my hubby created. Sigh.

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  1. mom

    Wow! Both projects looked terrific! Way to go Eric.

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