May 14

Backyard Path (i.e. Red Carpet!)

We built the backyard path, or what we like to call the backyard red carpet, as a direct way to get back to our sweet brick patio and garden.  We think its also a neat way to draw your eye back to that area and elongate the bigger backyard that we have.

We were able to do all of this on pretty cheap because we have awesome neighbors that had some left over stone that made great outside barriers to the path.  After all said and done the project only cost a total of about 50 bucks!!  There’s nothing better to me than to build something cool and functional but not break the bank while we do it!

Now that we are done with background of the project, lets take a look at the pictures.  The first one is a picture of Kell’s dad, Mike, hard at work digging some of the initial path.  This part was not the most fun, which made it that much nicer of him to lend a (very helping!) hand.

Mike was also nice enough to bring up a roto-tiller so we didn’t have to dig the entire thing by hand. What a guy. The only bad part was that our soil was dry (ie. hard a rock) so it took a few hours of driving that sucker back and forth to really get the soil to where it needed to be.

Sidenote: I’ve also tried to start wearing long sleeve shirts when i work outside all day.  After a few good burns you realize its probably not the smartest thing to do.

Once the path was dug out, we were able to bring in the stone.  This was the priciest part of the project.  We used roughly a ton and a half of stone which cost right around 35 bucks.  Not as bad as I thought it would be!:)

I ran string along the edges to make sure that I kept the path in line the whole way down.

We had some extra long stone pieces so both ends has a nice little step before you walk onto the rock path.  I don’t think it was necessary, but it’s a nice touch.

And here is the final product!!

Oh, and that’s Barkley spying on the neighbors.  I wouldn’t dare step foot in that backyard if I were a stranger. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing….We are loving the new addition to the backyard. It adds a new dimension and character to a once drab, insanely large, yard.

We hope this gives you some inspiration to add some flare to your own yards!

So, what should the next project be? Any ideas?


  1. sky rinehart

    Looks good brosef keep up the hard work and then ull never want to come home again, oh wait.

  2. ER

    I got my inspiration from the path you did for Aunt J. I’ll come home one day.

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