Jan 24

Bathroom Project: Early Lessons

This is my first post ever so you will have bear with me as I stumble through this.

To start my first post off, I figured why not start with the biggest project that I’ve undertaken to date.  We are putting a bathroom into our downstairs utility room and I’ve decided that I want to do it all (with the support from friends and family) myself.  I take pride in the fact that I can do things like this, have a wife that allows me to take saws, drills, and power anything to the house,  and it saves us so much money!!!  So lets jump right in, which is my motto for all DIY things, and get the pictures rolling.

This our before picture… I think before and after pics are pretty neat


Outside of the fact that we really wanted a bathroom for guest I think you can see why we wanted to do something with this room.

Before we started this very large project Kelli’s Parents came up to Sidney and we all took a trip Sterling, CO to go to Home Depot.  3 hours later the 4 of us were able to get out of Home Depot with a great start to all the supplies we needed.  A few of the big things were: All the framing lumber, a new vanity, toilet, one-piece fiberglass shower, and all the PEX plumbing that was needed.

A great friend of mine, who is also renovating his house, once told me that its not the project you are planning for that should make you worry, its the little projects that you CAN’T plan for that are the pains.  So far I’ve had two of those….

The 1st one was the shower stall… It is a one piece unit that gave us fits.  Here are the pictures to prove it.

Door Frame = 30 inches; Shower = 32 inches; which means frame is coming off…JOY!

It’s going to be a squeeze through the 2nd frame as well.  Then down the stairs we go.

The 2nd unplanned event(I’m sure not the last) was the main water valve coming from the street to the house.  My friend Brandon and I went to start this project by turning off the water.  When I did, the valve leaked so I turned it off.  When I turned it off it leaked even more…I knew Brandon and I were in for a long evening

I’m working on the before pictures but here is the after.

Thats going to be end of my very first post ever.  I will be sure to keep everyone updated on how the bathroom project is coming along.

Also, lesson to take away from the pictures above:  Be very flexible with your plan and timeline…


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  1. mom

    Looks like you could use some help fom Mike. I’ll see what I can do about it.

  2. david


    Like your project man! What did you use for floor joists? I need to do a raised bathroom also and this would be a big help. Thanks in advance.


    1. ER

      Thanks David! As far as floor joists I used 2x8s. That gave me enough room to get all the plumbing in there and to make sure that gravity had enough time to do it’s thing when the toilet flushed. I hope these posts help in your project you have coming up! Good luck!

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