Feb 05

Bathroom Project: The Demolition and Move

When starting the Bathroom Project I was excited about jumping in and trying a number of projects that I had never attempted. I am also pumped about being able to write about it and having a timeline of steps that took to make it all come together. I hope this segment can help some of you in your own DIY endeavors.
Below is STEP 2 of the Bathroom Project.

I’ve shown you the before picture in the previous post. This gives you an idea of how we reused most all of the pieces from the other room. They normally would have been thrown away, but we were able to put them to great use as a workshop in our otherwise storage room.
Below is the picture of my NEW workshop area.

By reusing a lot of the storage and shelving, I was much more willing to give up “my old workspace” and instead just transfer from one room to another.  We built the above arrangement by using pieces from below.

This is when the demo began on the utility room.  I started by clearing out the space in our back room and then removing the counter piece and the cabinet from our utility room.  I was amazed at how much larger the room felt once everything was taken out.

Next, I was able to start getting the pieces in place in my “new shop” area.  As you can see, it doesn’t take me any time to make a mess of the counter top.

It is really coming along and has provided an excellent work space for projects.

The last step was to get the cabinet hung on the wall.
I finished that and the move was complete!  I actually really enjoy my new space as long as Kelli is cool with me ruining the carpet (which she says we are going to replace soon. Just put it on my tab. )

Once everything was removed, I was able to start taking up the flooring.  For the old vinyl tile that was there, I used a metal scraper to remove it.  I ended up using a worn out wood chisel and a hammer.  This was one of the worst parts of the bathroom project so far. I’m continually investing in newer tools…these just didn’t quite cut it.

That was the demolition and move step of the Bathroom Project.  If you missed the first step, take a look at it HERE

Thanks for checking it out! I will be sure to get another update posted ASAP!

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  1. Karen-mom

    Lookin’ good Eric! Are you needing any tools?

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