May 12

Bathroom Project: Washer and Dryer Move & Pex

So this is Post #3 for the Bathroom Project.  If you missed anything here are the links to the first 2 posts. Post #1/Post #2  I’ve kept working on the bathroom project, but the post to the Fireside didn’t follow suit.  Now that things have started to slow down a bit, I decided it was a good time to catch everyone up on the progress being made for our Bathroom project.

For this post, I’ll show you how I moved the washer and dryer from the South wall to the East wall and a little bit about PEX plumbing (which is super user friendly.)  So, lets jump right in and start with the final placement of the washer and dryer.

 This is after everything was moved to the correct place.Finally Moved

From thisBefore Washer and Dryer Move

The first thing I had to do was to get the all of the electrical work moved to the correct side of the wall.  I don’t have a lot of pictures of this process but one big suggestion I would make to take pictures of the inner workings  before you start the move.  That way you can make sure everything gets put back correctly.  If you burn down your house you would feel pretty bad….

Next, cutting into the house.  When you start this there is always a moment of truth where there’s no turning back.  I had a few of these during this post.  PS got a Dremmel for Xmas and it worked like a champ!

Cutting Dryer Vent OutThe hole from the inside

Dryer HoleNext, I moved onto the plumbing.  Keep in mind here that I’ve never plumbed a single thing in my life.  I’ve cleaned out the occasional drain but that’s about it.  The Home Depot guy steered me in the right direction and the rest was figuring it out as I went.  The first step was to remove the old galvanized pipes.  I took a reciprocating saw to the pipes(moment of truth!!  If I mess something up we are without water in half of our house.) and then was able to put a couple wrenches on them and loosened.  Removing Old Pipes

Like I said, Pex was pretty easy to work with.  As you can see below it makes 90 degree turns fairly easily and then I can just screw into place.

Putting Pex in PlaceA good description of Pex is a plug and play plumbing system.

hanging pex

While I was doing the Pex I was also able to get the washer drain hooked up and in the correct place.

Washer Drain

Last step was building the wall for the drainage.  Kelli told me to pose for this one.

And thats it folks!  The washer and dryer got moved and  plumbed in correctly with the help of my new friend pex.

Finally Moved



  1. Rob

    Great job and thanks for sharing. I am going to be moving my walls and W/D around also so I am looking at other projects for any ideas. Thanks.

    1. Kelli

      Hi Rob! Glad you found our post helpful. We were novices on the plumbing side of things, but this seemed to work out nicely. Good luck with your own home renovations!

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