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Bathroom Remodel: Beginner Lessons for Drywalling

The post title spells out this part of the Bathroom project perfectly!  These are my beginner lessons for drywalling, learned the best way….hands on, trial by fire!
Much like the other parts of the bathroom project, such as the plumbing and the electrical work, I had no direct experience in this type of work. Throughout this post, I will try to provide my Beginner Lessons for Drywalling. Let’s get started!

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #1:  Make sure you have a sharp utility knife and a large T-square, like the one pictured below on the left side.

I learned very quickly that you might mis-measure quite a few times and that you will need a sharp knife that makes those 2nd and 3rd cuts easier.

Here are the walls for the shower coming together.  It’s almost starting to look like an actual shower!  You will notice that we didn’t drywall the ceiling.  Kelli and I decided to use a white bead board rather than drywalling up there.

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #2: All of the corners use a piece of metal called a corner drywall bead.  The guys at the hardware store educated me on the purpose and how to install it.  Overall, the corner piece wasn’t too difficult, but make sure to get those screws in far to make the mudding process easier.

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #3: Throughout the entire bathroom I used a plastic barrier to help protect the frame and the insulation from moisture.

I believe that a plastic moisture barrier is optional, but it gave me a comforting feeling that I wasn’t going to be cleaning up mold in a few years.

And here’s super woman.  Kelli was an huge part of the drywalling!!  She jumped right in and did a great job!  I took care of all the small pieces to finish our drywalling puzzle and she did almost all of the initial application of the mud.

Here’s what she thought of this project! 🙂

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #4:  The corners are very difficult.  Kelli did a great job, but I assume this is the part that differentiates the beginners from the expert contractors.

This is our first completely mudded wall. I feel like it looks pretty official!

As you can notice, there is plenty of drywalling going on.  This leads to the next lesson.

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #5:  When drywalling, spread multiple, very thin layers of mud on all your joints.  You will really be thankful for those thin layers when it comes to sanding!!

This is the fully mudded shower stall.  You will also notice that we have nearly completed the mudding for the corners.

I will say that the worst part of this entire project was the sanding.  Do whatever you can to minimize the total amount of mud you put on the walls because it all has to be sanded down eventually.

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #6:  Once you finish mudding and sanding you have to put drywall primer on the walls.

This wasn’t a difficult task but definitely something I didn’t know had to be done prior to starting.

And here is the finished product!!  I was very glad to be done with part of the bathroom project!  A big thank you to Kel for lending a hand!  Without her this would have been 1,000 time worse.

And what’s the best way to say thank you than to finish the post with this picture! 🙂

Beginner Lessons for Drywalling #7: Have an amazing wife that doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty!

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something for when you attempt drywalling!!

The Rineharts

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