May 16

Bathroom Remodel: Electrical Work

For this part of the Bathroom Remodel project, there is not a before and after picture. Your lights either turn on or they don’t.

I was able to make it through quite a few tasks prior to this part without much help, but electrical work is a whole different ballgame.  One quick touch of the wrong wires and you look like this….or worse.

At one point during this electrical adventure, my friend and I got close to the shock of a lifetime from accidentally touching a copper ground wire to the main set  wires that go into the breaker box.  Let me tell you, we had to have a beer after that encounter…and kind of sort of didn’t tell my wife.

For this part, I enlisted the help of a good friend of mine Chris.  Chris has been remodeling his entire house which means that he’s skilled in the art of electrical work.  Even with his knowledge from renovating his whole house we still had to use the all-knowing Google.  We joked around that this was the bathroom that Google built.  I literally watched some kind of video for every step I took during the Bathroom Remodel. For this project, we needed electrical diagrams images from Mr.Google to tell us to connect the white wire to the other white wire. Thanks Google!

I’m going to admit it, Chris did most of the work during this part of the project.  I was there to hand him tools and be the “that looks right” guy.

In these pictures we are getting the electrical current from the breaker box into an overhead outlet box.

This was where google came to the rescue.  We had run out of length on one of the wires so we had to figure out a different way to hook up a three-way switch, which for those of you that don’t know what that is, it allows two electrical switches to change the same light.

The last part of the electrical project was to get the new recessed light into the landing at the bottom of the stairs.  Again, with Chris doing most of the work, he got everything working like a charm.  The only part I did by myself was to cut the hole into the ceiling.  If you look closely at the picture below you will notice that there’s 1 and half holes in the ceiling.  I have one job and I can’t even get that right. haha!!

I want to give a big shout out to Chris for his help on this one.  He probably saved me about  $500 because we didn’t have to hire and electrician. I just paid him in beer and wings.

  The house hasn’t burnt down and all the lights turn on; the sign of a job well done in the electrical world!

Have you ever had your own “SHOCKING” experience?

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