Aug 23

Bathroom Remodel: Installing the Vinyl Tile

So here’s Kelli and I standing in front of the masses of flooring samples at Menards.  We’re trying to figure out what to use as our the new bathroom floor.  I really had my heart set on fire engine red shag carpet, but she was a little more practical with ideas of a cost effective, easy to install, and great looking vinyl tile.  I usually win most of these types of discussions(just like every other husband reading this does) 😉 but this time I decided to concede my life long dream of shag carpet in our light blue bathroom and went with the vinyl tile.  Here how installing the vinyl tile went down.

The first step was to make sure that the old flooring was completely pulled up.  You can get a quick glimpse into some of the before pictures if you look toward the end of the demo post. Once the floor has all the old tile removed you want to sweep it and wipe with a damp cloth.

The last step prior to placing your first tile is to apply flooring adhesive.  I forgot to take pictures of this but imagine painting with a normal paint roller but instead of paint you use floor adhesive and instead of a wall you paint the floor.  Simple as that.

In the above picture you can see Kelli placing our first tile!  This was a nervous moment when you’ve never tiled anything in your life.  One down, 80 more to go!

Chris was over at the house when we started installing the vinyl tile and was able to lend a hand on how to get this whole show started.

You’ll notice a number of little x’s throughout all the pictures.  These are spacers that we used to make sure that each tile was the same length apart from the next one.  You can get these x’s in a number of different sizes from the hardware store which will create the desired gap that you will eventually put grout into.

Kelli and I had a great assembly line going when we were installing the vinyl tile.  It went like this: measure(both of us), cut (Eric), peel(Kelli), place(Kelli), and stomp(Eric and Kelli jumping on the same tile!  Not really, but it would look a little funny if it were true,) and repeat over and over again.  This seemed to go really well until we arrived at the tiles on the edge of the wall. I had to cut and re-cut about 5 times per tile because I have a measuring issue.

Because we were hard at work with intense focus and determination we forgot to take more pictures of the actual installing of the vinyl tile.  Instead you guys will get more final product of the instillation.

This was one of the toughest parts of the install.  The round toilet base gave us quite the issue with cutting.  Up to that point I was using a utility knife on all the straight edges.  For the rounded toilet edges I had to switch it up and use tin-snips.  Not sure why that was the tool that I chose but it seemed to work.

Here is the final product!  I’ve become a fan of the brown tile that Kelli picked out.  It might even look better than the shag carpet I wanted….might is the key word here.

With the tile installed and the walls painted the bathroom is really starting to take shape!  Kelli has been on the prowl for decoration and has found some pretty neat pieces.  We can finally see the light at the end of the Bathroom Remodel tunnel!!  Until the next post.  Thanks for reading!


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If you’ve missed any part of the Bathroom Remodel Project let’s catch you up to speed: click on the links to read more about each activity:

We took our before pictures and got to work on  moving the shower stall downstairs.  Next came the demo of the utility room and pulling up of the old tile.  This opened the room up to getting the plumbing and the electrical work all put together and working.  Then came the crucial step of planning and executing the raised drainage platform for the toilet and shower and then tying it all into the main drain of the house.  Once the structure was in place we could work more on the cosmetics like drywalling and our good looking new white door!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this adventure and maybe even learned something.

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