Jul 20

Bathroom Remodel: The Cast Iron Fitting

I’m going to start this post out by saying that the cast iron fitting part of the bathroom project was the most unnerving aspect of the whole project.  During this step I never felt 100% comfortable with what was going on or if I was installing it correctly.  It was during these steps I had to chisel at the foundation, use the biggest pipe wrench ever, and cross my fingers for no leaks.  Luckily for me it all worked out and the drainage is still holding strong to this day without leaks.

This is also kind of part 2 of my previous post on building the raised drainage platform.  In the first part/post, my focus was on the lumber part of the project where I was able to build up the platform.  This post will focus primarily on the connection going from the cast iron fitting into the PVC drainage coming from the shower and toilet.

Throughout the project I did have one set of eyes on me.  The slave driver of the house, the construction site manager, good ol’ Barkley!

You saw this on the first part, but for those that haven’t this was the contraption that I had to connect into the pipe.  The PVC pipes below are the drainage pieces that actually connect into the toilet and shower.

Here is a picture of the main drain for the entire house.  For those of you that don’t know.  This pipe goes from the roof of the house all the way down under the foundation and into the drainage pipes of city.  This pipe is also open on top to allow air ventilation to all the stinky smells coming from the great below!

You will also notice that I cut the platform into two top pieces.  I did this so I could work on the shower and toilet separate from one another.  I also did this so I could keep an eye on the connection to make sure there were no leaks for about a two week period.

Along with that ventilation I had to install another pipe that went outside to help the water drain from the shower and from the toilet.  Here is a picture of how I tied into exhaust coming from the furnace.

Now lets get back to how to connect the Cast Iron Fitting.  The drainage opening into the cast iron was large enough that I had to have some assistance from my father-in-law to find the correct size fitting.  Luckily for me, he knows just the right places to look for things like that and was able to snag me one.

But before I could get that one I had to get out the chisel and hammer and knock some concrete away from around the cast iron.  This was not the most difficult task, but still a little nerve wracking because I didn’t want to accidentally crack the cast iron.  By doing this project myself I’m saving a lot of money.  If you want to know how to spend a lot of money go and crack your main sewer drain coming from your house.

Once I finally got the area chiseled out enough and few times hitting the fingers with hammer I was done.  Getting the cap off the cast iron wasn’t to bad.  I was able to borrow a pipe wrench from the neighbor that fit the square on the cap and take that off.   Lesson learned here; once you get the cap of your sewer off the room will start to smell like #2 if you catch my drift.  It’s a lovely potpourri to work in!

Next, it was time to get the cast iron fitting put on the cast iron joint.  Bring in the BIG wrench!  This thing was so big that I had to rent it from an actual plumber because I couldn’t get it around town and they are ridiculous expensive.

Here is a pulled back version of the wrench.

Needless to say there was some major torque on that fitting.  If that doesn’t get tight enough I will have to tear everything down and fix the leak.  Also, make sure that you cover the ground rules of having the sewer drain open with your wife prior to the flush!!  Very Important!

Once I got the cast iron fitting secured I was ready to build the platform around it and get the shower unit put together.

I would say in the end it all worked out.  Like I mentioned earlier *knock on wood* there are no leaks up till this point!! That all I have for now.

Keep your eye’s peeled for more bathroom updates.  Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the Fireside Dreamers which will let you know of the latest update on the Bathroom Remodel!

Thanks for reading!  Hope to get the next update soon!



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  1. mom

    You did a great job on it, Eric. Mike says bathrooms are one of the most difficult home projects to do…and to do correctly and you accomplished it!!! Good for you!

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