Aug 14

Bathroom Remodel: The New White Door

Who knew that you could buy a door already pre-built and ready to nail into place?  Not me.  Looking below, I think our new white door turned out pretty swell for a couple guys that didn’t know much about doors.  The white color is going to be a common theme for all of our trim and decor, which you will have keep tuning in to see! The final result of the bathroom is coming soon!

For now, I can walk you through what my buddy Jay and I did for the door installation and how we did it.  If you were as new to door installation as we were, you might learn something!

The part that you are not seeing here is the demo of the old door and frame. We were busy demo-ing to take pictures. The tools needed for the demo are a hammer, crowbar, sawzall, and some gloves(nobody likes splinters!)

To start, we took the old door off the hinges and then tackled the trim around the door with that crowbar and hammer.
Once the trim is removed its time for the fun.  Slide the sawzall,also referred to as a reciprocating saw, in between the door frame and the 2x4s and cut all the nails.  I found that this was much easier and saved a lot of time to not have to remove all the nails. You now have the frame out and can dispose of it by smashing it and burning it in your bonfire!!

Our door and frame smelled like mothballs and mustiness!  No s’mores that evening!

Above, Jay is starting to nail in the frame of the pre-hung new white door to the 2x4s.  Make sure to have plenty of shims(skinny pieces of wood found at any hardware store) around so that you can get a nice tight fit between the frame of the door and the frame of the wall.

You can see on the right side of the picture below the shims that we used.  We were sure to sure to use good shims and nails on that side since that was the hinge side and would carry the weight of the swinging door.

When building something like this, four hands are better than two. One guys nails the boards with the air-nailer as the other guy has to hold the level up.
It’s also nice to have one person step back every so often and say,” yeah, I think this is starting to look like a door” or “wait, I think we put the door on upside down!”  With two genius’s like us you know that would never happen. 😉

And there she is!!  Our new white door swings like a beaut!

One important suggestion, if you haven’t done this before, keep the door on the frame while you are installing it.  We luckily did this, but I could see how you could install the frame, put the door on, and find out that you have about half an inch to much or to little.  Wouldn’t that just take the wind out of your new door sails!

If you noticed in the two pictures above, our new white door didn’t come with any handles.  After I got to thinking about that it makes sense.  What if you want and round handle and I want a lever handle?  Do we get two different doors? Nope, we just get different handles…genius!!

Here is me finishing the installation of our stainless steel door handle.  I actually thought this was kind of a neat picture because its me building/installing things but one of the main focuses in the picture is my wedding ring.  For all the guys out there, when you get married and buy a house all you will do is build and install things!! haha I can also say that this is also one of the things that brings me the most enjoyment.  Building a better house for Kelli and myself!

Now on to the trim.  We picked a very basic white trim to put around our door.  I think the entire needed length only cost us around 20 bucks!  Not bad for how it can make a door look much more professional.

So I did make one big mistake here.  I was notified after I had finished the entire trim that when installing trim on a door you always put the thick side of the trim out.  As it sits today my trim is think side in…. just put it on my tab. 🙂

And Ta-Da! Our new white door is hung and ready to use.  Well….all except the dang trim that I’m going to have to go back and fix.

The main focus is:Does it shut and keep people out when you are having your “alone time?”  100% YES!!Until next time.  Thanks for stopping by!

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If you’ve missed any part of the Bathroom Remodel Project let’s catch you up to speed: click on the links to read more about each activity:

We took our before pictures and got to work on  moving the shower stall downstairs.  Next came the demo of the utility room and pulling up of the old tile.  This opened the room up to getting the plumbing and the electrical work all put together and working.  Then came the crucial step of planning and executing the raised drainage platform for the toilet and shower and then tying it all into the main drain of the houseOnce the structure was in place we could work more on the cosmetics like drywalling and our good looking new white door!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this adventure and maybe even learned something.



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