Sep 09

Birthday Girl!!

1 Charlotte is officially one! I was so emotional leading up to her first birthday. It really brought back memories of the day she was born and of the year we have had. It’s been the most monumental year of our lives, for a lot of reasons. Charlotte has brought so much joy to ours, as well as our family and friend’s lives. I reflect back and think of how scary and frustrating is was (with the colicky days, sleepless months, breastfeeding experiences, and my medical troubles), but mostly how joyful and blessed it has been. I feel so lucky to be her Mom. God has been so good throughout this year, that I’m just constantly flooded with gratitude. I can’t wait for all the fun (and challenges) that are to come!

I’m sharing some of the AMAZING photos my good friend, Jaimie, captured for us of our sweet ONE year old!3 4 5 10 11 12 13 16 17 19 20 22 23  24Birthday photos are coming next….get excited!


  1. mom

    I really can’t believe Charlotte’s a year old either! She’s brought so much happiness to us! Thanks for sharing so much of your lives with us:)

  2. Aunt Theresa

    I so appreciate you guys sharing yourselves and Charlotte with us! She is so beautiful and you can just see her personality shine through. Always brightens my day and makes me smile!

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