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Jun 24

Vacation: Lake Style

Ahhh, vacation! We have looked forward to this trip since last year when we went with a group of friends to Lake Hamilton in Arkansas. We decided then that this will be a yearly tradition. This year, it was just us and our good friends (more like family, really) and their little guy. It was a perfect mix of relaxing and adventure. We were fortunate enough to stay in Jenn’s parent’s BEAUTIFUL lakeside home, AND ride on their pontoon boat! Here’s a little rundown of the trip in photos (and no, they’re not in order)….

Vacation: Lake Style  The boys ordered oysters at the restaurant on the lake one night. What’s cooler than a restaurant you can drive your boat to?? Love it. Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Charley gave Jackson lots of hugs and kisses on the trip. I think she’s getting the hang of this big sister thing!Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  The best part of grocery shopping was the awesome car carts they had! She was one happy shopper 🙂Vacation: Lake Style  We spent a lot of time on the covered porch playing with babies and watching the boats go by. Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  It rained the whole trip down to the lake, but by the time we got to Lake Hamilton, a rainbow was waiting for us. It’s like it was saying “welcome, the weather will be beautiful for your trip!”.Vacation: Lake Style    Vacation: Lake Style  This little cowgirl sat on a saddle for the first timeVacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  Kissing his piggies!Vacation: Lake Style  Vacation: Lake Style  We were so impressed with how well Charlotte did on the looooong road trip. We left at 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning and didn’t get to the lake until 6:00 p.m. We pulled out all the entertainment we could, including learning how funny TWO binkies in the mouth is. Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleGQ pose Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleCharlotte loved the boat! Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleSo did Jackson 🙂 The life jackets though, not so much.  Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake StyleBoys will be boys- jumping off the dock Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style    Not creepy at all…Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style

Vacation: Lake Style Vacation: Lake Style It’s never fun leaving a wonderful vacation. But we have many more years to look forward to! I’m sure as the kids grow up, they’ll have fond memories of our summer lake adventures!

Jun 20

Fireside Five on Friday

It’s SUMMER!!! I couldn’t be more excited for warm weather and summer activities. It’s by far my favorite time of year. I love that Charlotte is at the age where we can take her places and she can interact with people. The fun is really just beginning!


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Fireside Five on Friday(Let me just preface this by saying that these are all phone pictures, so the quality isn’t the greatest!!)

ONE- Charlotte’s first trip to the zoo! We were lucky enough to go on a weekday (ie. not busy!) with our friends Lauren and Ella. Ella is a couple months younger than Charlotte, so we pushed the girls around in their matching strollers. Let’s be honest, the girls had no idea where they were, but we had fun and we can check it off the “firsts” list!

Fireside Five on Friday TWO— The Salina River Festival was last weekend! Looking back to Last year, I was pregnant and envisioning what it would be like to bring my 9 month old to the fest the next year. And Two years ago, when we didn’t even have baby on the brain! Oh how life has changed 🙂 We had the most beautiful weather this year- the best I can remember for a festival weekend. I got to catch up with some great friends from high school, went to my parent’s bar, and saw family! Definitely memories I will remember forever as Charlotte’s first River Festival of many to come.Fireside Five on FridayFireside Five on Friday Fireside Five on FridayCharlotte met a horse for the first time while at my parents place. She liked petting them, and I’m convinced she thought they were just big dogs. Fireside Five on Friday We drove my car back home, so that meant Barkley got to sit in the backseat with Charlotte.She seriously loves that dog, and he loves her back. He rested his head on her carseat for the majority of the way there and back while she pet his head. So, so sweet.Fireside Five on FridayTHREE— Charlotte’s first time in a swing! I took her to the park last week on our Mommy-Daughter day (random day off in the middle of the week). It was a gorgeous, sunny day…perfect for a nice swing. She loved every second of it. My Mom pushed her in the swing at the River Festival too and she couldn’t have been happier! Fireside Five on Friday Fireside Five on Friday FOUR— Our pond is full again! We got some nice rain last week, so the pond is back in action. I love to hear the bullfrogs at night, and it’s cool to actually be able to see water from the house. Let’s hope it sticks around this time. Fireside Five on Friday Fireside Five on Friday FIVE— You know how I mentioned that Barkley and Charley have a special connection? Well Charley and Lilly don’t exactly share the same love for one another. Now that Charlotte is on the move (crawling), she is constantly chasing Lilly around the house. Lilly tried to hide from her, but Charlotte always finds her and pulls her hair, haha. We are working on “gentle touches”….Fireside Five on Friday Fireside Five on Friday

SIX (I just can’t stop)– Want to know what Charlotte’s new favorite toy is?? Our piano! I pulled her up there the other day to show her how it worked, and since then, she crawls over to it every morning. She stands herself up and can barely reach the keys. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she hears herself making noise. It’s seriously the cutest thing I’ve seen her do…I think I’ve said that before. It makes me so happy to think that she might have the same love for playing piano that I do! Fireside Five on Friday

Hope you all are having a great start to the summer!

Jul 08

Babymoon Love :)

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! We spent our long weekend in Weston, MO celebrating our babymoon before the baby arrives!

Weston is one of our most favorite places to visit. It has everything we love- small town charm, breweries/wineries, and bed and breakfasts. Even though we couldn’t enjoy the breweries/wineries this time, Eric was able to get a flight of beer at the brewery and I did the honor of smelling each one and predicting what it’d taste like. I do what I can.

I forgot my “fancy” camera on this trip, but I was actually OK with it. We took a few photos with our phones (Eric’s pictures turned out better), but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company and had a fun, relaxing time! Our bed and breakfast, the Benner House, had a really nice pool that we lounged at. Eric even surprised me with a couple’s massage! It was heavenly and a fun thing to do together. We went to the plaza for happy hour, and hit up the 4th of July festivities in Parkville, MO. Overall, it was just what the doctor ordered- a perfect, fun, relaxing babymoon as a couple! Who knows when we’ll have another getaway like this!

Babymoon Love :)


I (Eric) was able to get some of his pictures of our babymoon experience! These candid snapshops give you a little hint of the relaxation that took place over the 4th of July weekend.

Babymoon Love :)

Babymoon Flights

Weston has an awesome Brewery for such a small town. If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely stop by and partake in the flights offered there. Here is the website for Weston Brewing Company.

Babymoon Love :)

Babymoon Bed and Breakfast

Kelli and I love being able to get away from reality for a bit. We’ve found that B&Bs offer a great solution for a babymoon retreat. We stayed at the Benner House and it was great! Personally, my favorite part of the stay was the breakfast that was made each morning. Top breakfast I’ve had in a while. Again, if you live within driving distance to Weston, MO look into staying at the Benner House.

Babymoon Love :)

Parkville Babymoon

Here was our stop in Parkville to watch the fireworks. We ended up getting there a little too early(5pm arrival for a 9:30 firework show) oops… We made the best of it and people watched at the carnival to pass the time.

Babymoon Love :)

Babymoon Carnival

This was Kelli’s favorite part of the retreat. What babymoon is complete without a prenatal massage?

Babymoon Love :)

Post-Prenatal Massage

Babymoon Love :)

Babymoon Drinks

What a wonderful adventure! With Charlotte being our first mini, we’ve learned a lot of different things when it comes to babies and what to expect. Our babymoon was a lesson we don’t mind learning over and over again. It was a great way to relax with just the two of us. It gave us time to bond over the bundle of Joy we are about to bring into this world!!

Jun 08

Weekend at the “fest”!

Weekend at the fest!

We are in good ol’ Salina this weekend. The festival weekend is always hopping and full of energy. With my family’s new bar (Sandatone Saloon) opened in Brookville,KS, things are even more busy and exciting. Never a dull moment! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Weekend at the fest!

Weekend at the fest!

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