Jun 26

Chicken Wing Off

Hello Chicken Wing Off Night! I like to think of the chicken wing as a little bite sized piece of heaven.  You have 3-4 bites of every thing a person could want: chicken, sauce, eating off a bone, and usually an adult beverage to wash it down.  In the food world, I’m not sure anything gets more satisfying and simple as the chicken wing.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this is me, Eric, writing this post. About once a month, the FiresideDreamers “Production Team” gets together for a good ole fashion “site night”.  Each time we get together we like to mix it up a bit, so this particular evenings theme was Site Night – Chicken Wing Off. Below was the picture-perfect final result!!  Here’s how it all unfolded…

If you’ve never had the chance to make chicken wings, this will be a good post for you.  I’m going to take you from start to finish how to prep, grill, and coat the wings in sauce.

The first step is to buy the wings.  We get ours from Wal-Mart because literally no other grocery store sells them here in Sidney (which is pretty much the story on most things here)

Once they’re home, I will take the entire wing (which consists of a mini-drumstick, a wing, and a tip) and separate them into individual pieces.  It’s not the most visually appealing part of the process. I bought one package for roughly $7.00 that had 16 full wings x 2 once separated, which totaled 32 chicken wings for the group.

** Something I learned during this part is to make sure to use a super sharp knife and make sure you are cutting through the cartilage and not the actual bone.  You can tell the difference because the bone will take a lot of force to cut, where the cartilage should be fairly easy to get through.

Once each full wing is cut up, I like to throw them all in a bowl with a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper and let them sit for a bit.  The real reason I do this is that my arms are tired from all the cuts that I need a breather :). Oh, and it seasons the wings.

Now on to the competition. Here’s the FiresideDreamers production team, Jay and Tess. Both are very talented people and we want to thank each of them for all the help that they VOLUNTEER for the site in order to make “The Dream” (get it!) happen!!  They are getting their shake on, trying to coat the wings with their signature sauce.

For this competition, we did a blind taste test.  For those of you that don’t know me, that means Eric making up random rules that he thinks are legit (that may or may not make sense). Below is what I came up with.  The three “tasters” next to each other with Kelli dipping toothpicks into each one and then handing to each of us.  We then tallied on a scale of 1-4 what we thought of each one.  And the winner of the Chicken Wing Off blind taste test was….

JAY!!!!  He definitely put the most time into his sauce.  He used this Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauces Recipe as his base and then Jay-ified (it’s a new word) it with some more adult friendly beverage as well as, and I quote,”I also sang to it while it cooled which I feel added depth to the flavor.”  It won him the competition so I wouldn’t rule it out the next time you are craving some killer wing sauce.

Now back to the actual grilling of the wings.  Once I’ve let the wings sit in the oil, salt, and pepper for a little while I will place them on a medium-high preheated grill.  I usually leave them on each side for roughly 3-5 minutes and then flip as needed until thoroughly cooked.  At this point you are getting hungry and just can’t wait for them to get done.

You have two steps left.  As soon as you feel the wing is cooked, place them into a Tupperware container that already has the sauce in it.  Shake them vigorously to completely coat the wing in your award winning sauce.  The last step, which is crucial to a crispy wing, is to place each coated wing onto a cookie sheet in your oven on high broil.  I would highly recommend using a cooling rack with a piece of foil underneath.

Keep a close eye on this step!!!!!!!!!  I cannot stress this enough.  These will burn very quickly!!

If the heavens align, and you didn’t get too caught up in those brewskis, you will turn out some great wings.  All of which is done at a very reasonable price.  So, next time you have a group of friends coming over or you just have a hankering for some wings remember this Chicken Wing off!

Do you have any good wing sauce recipes that you would like to share?  We are always looking some new things to try.  Leave us a comment on below or hit us up on Facebook.  Until next time, enjoy!


  1. mom

    I don’t even like wings but that looks delicious! Are you giving up Jay’s recipe?

  2. Kelli

    Haha, well good!! Maybe you’ll have to try these at home! We ARE giving up Jay’s recipe. You can click on the link in the post for “Bourbon Whiskey BBQ sauce recipe” in blue. Let me know how yours turn out!

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