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DIY Barnwood Command Center

This “Command Center” project was one of the biggest/coolest projects that I’ve worked on.  I will be the first to admit that neither Kelli nor I were the masterminds behind the planning. Instead, we were only the vehicle for making it happen.  I have to give all the kudos to my former Cabela’s Training Team for this crafty idea!!


As you can see, their plans created quite the workplace organization command center, plus it helps add a little bit of character to the boring office environment. The command center consists of 4 total boards which are each 30”X42”.

Each board has its own purpose, including a metal backing only for general notes/to dos, corkboard for pinning things, chalkboard because everyone likes a chalkboard, and finally a calendar so nobody misses their dates.

Now that you’ve seen the final product, let’s see how it was all done.  Our hope is that this will provide inspiration to you or anyone in your office to use your imagination and creativity to make that boring workplace a little more enjoyable and fun.

Building Command Center

If you’ve noticed one thing about any of our posts using wood is that we discovered a great source of weathered-style barnwood.  Our first use for this barnwood was in our shelf post which you can check out here.  It’s a pretty neat example of turning something that was going to the dump into a lot of unique items.

Framing is simple as long as you aren’t looking for perfection.  Because I used barnwood, I’m actually looking for anything except perfection.   The thing that makes barnwood great is that the wood is supposed to have character. We want to see nail holes, divots, warping, etc…

Building Command CenterOnce I had figured out that I wanted to make frames out of the barnwood. I went and bought a frame maker (roughly $20) from Home Depot.  It helps in keeping the frame corners lining up correctly.  For this project, I also used 8 l brackets on the back of each frame because of the amount of weight that was going to be held.

Building Command CenterHere is the final look of the frame.  I think these are just the coolest looking things.  Now onto working on the back of the frame so I can put the center pieces in each one.

Building Command CenterBuilding Command Center

In the above pictures I am routering the inner part on the back of the frame.  I’m using something called a rabbit bit to make this happen.  I had to do a little bit of research to figure out the exact tool to make this happen.  I’m still not quite sure why it’s called a rabbit bit.

For each of the frames that I used a metal front I used construction glue to adhere it to a wood backing to help keep the metal flat.

Building Command Center

This was also my first run in with chalkboard paint.  I personally thought the chalkboard framed piece was the coolest out of all of them.  I mean, who doesn’t love a chalkboard? Sspecially framed in barnwood?!?!  Here’s how I made that happen.chalkboard paint

I used Rustoleum’s Chalkboard paint in the making of the chalkboard.  It went on really easy and finished just like a chalkboard should look.

Chalkboard PaintChalkboard PaintThe next board that I put together was the corkboard.  This one was probably the easiest out of the 4 boards.  I was able to get 1ft X 1ft pieces of corkboard and just use the same adhesive I used on the board to glue them on the piece of board.

Building Command Center

The final step was to combine the two pieces (the frame and the middle board.)  Here I also used the construction adhesive in the joint that I rabbit routered.  I know that’s not correct, but its fun to say. Say that one 5 times fast.

Building Command CenterYou will also noticed that I use tiny brackets on the back to help support in keeping the middle piece on the frame.

Building Command Center

After the glue dried for each one I was finally done.  Drum roll please……..I present the organization board/ Cabela’s Command Center.

barnwood Framed Corkboard barnwood framed metal barnwood framed chalkboard


board with blur


DIY Command Center

This was a fun, challenging, and quite rewarding project.  It was great to be able to partner with the awesome Cabela’s Training Team and put these together for the them.  They’re a very creative bunch of gals and they are greatly missed!  Since building these, Kelli and I have since relocated closer to home for us.  We now call the Topeka, KS/Lawrence, KS area home.  Oh, how I do miss the fun times I had with the Cabela’s crew and all of our friends in Sidney!!!!

Until the next project.  Enjoy and go build something!


PS **minor plug alert** If you do live in the Kansas City/ Salina/ Wichita KS triangle and you would like one of these made especially for you, email us at firesidedreamers@gmail.com and we will see what we can do for you.

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  1. mom

    I LOVE the idea! It would be a fun way to communicate in a teacher’s lounge or any busy office! Great idea!

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