Aug 21

Country Livin’

There are few places more calming and beautiful than the countryside in Kansas where my parents live. One of my favorite things in the world to do is drive around with my Dad, brother, and/or Mom (whoever wants to ride along) and take pictures of the area. So I thought I’d share just why it is that I love it so much.


This is the building in Brookville, KS that my Dad bought and is transforming into a saloon-style bar and grill. My brother will manage and run the place. The opening date is unknown at this time, but it’s sure to be an I-70 KS destination soon enough!

Rico SuuuaaaveThese deer/buck pictures aren’t the greatest….but still pretty cool. Love the wildlife!They live by a military bombing range, so we see these signs frequently

I’m not sure that the pictures do it justice. I think we all have that special place that we feel the most calm and at home. I’m glad to have found that space already. And it’s not coincidence that it’s where my family is…


Until next time!


  1. Jann

    Love the pictures Kelli! I miss trees here in NE and I love old buildings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mom

    I love the pictures kel! You’re a great photographer! I’m also thrilled that you love coming home. We love to have you…and Eric, of course.

  3. Deb

    Thanks for the memories:) Your photos take me back to my old ‘stompin’ grounds!

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