May 19

DIY Sunburst Mirror

This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve done!!

I’ve had my eye on this particular mirror at Hobby Lobby for a long time now. It’s a gold sunburst mirror and it was $50. Now to most, $50 is a steal for a great mirror. However, I have a hard time parting with money when I can make a knock-off for significantly cheaper.
When I saw this THIS, I knew the mirror I’ve always wanted was doable.


Here’s how it went down…

I bought a pack of wooden shims at the hardware store.
Then, I found a shimmery gold colored spray paint that matched the Hobby Lobby mirror.

 Spray painted all of the wooden shims


Then, I laid them all out upside down in the shape that I wanted.


I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to glue on a wooden circle (on the back side) that the hubby cut for me.

I made sure there was plenty of glue on it so it would be good and sturdy


Once all of the shims were adhered to the wooden circle, I let it dry.

Then flipped it over- notice the wooden circle in the center.

And the last and final step was to hot glue on the store bought circular mirror

This is the final product!

Are you ready?

I’m not sure you’re ready



This project was about $6 total and took me about an hour to do (including waiting patiently for the glue to dry)!

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