Oct 22

DIY Wooden Pumpkins

I think that’s it’s obvious by now that I’m obsessed with Fall- the smells, the weather and the decorations.

So, when I saw some adorable diy wooden pumpkins for the porch on pinterest I knew I just had to make them! My friend Leslie and I had the same idea in mind, so we decided to have the husbands do some of the dirty work (AKA cut the wood to size). They used old wood scraps and cut the pumpkins to the size we designated. Then, they cut a hole in the top for the wooden stem. Leslie and I painted two of them orange and the middle piece stayed it’s brown shade to add some contrast. Eric screwed the pumpkins onto a black wooden piece so that the Nebraska wind doesn’t blow them over.

We decided to paint two of the wooden pumpkins sides for fall (orange) and the other two sides green and red, to look like presents! Instead of rafia on top, we will add bows around Christmas time. I love the idea that these don’t have to get tucked away in storage when winter arrives. It’s a multipurpose DIY project!

Here’s a little extra Fall decor pic to add to the wooden pumpkins.  Now go outside, play in the leaves, throw the football around, and never stop letting your creative minds wander!!


I just had to share this little sequence of events. Lilly has a real obsession with Barkley’s food. It’s like candy to her. So whenever it’s Barkley’s dinnertime, Lilly tries to get in his bowl to snag a few kibbles. It’s gotten to the point where Barkley takes some food from his bowl and drops them on the ground for her. What a sweet guy.

This picture is hilarious to me. It’s fuzzy….mostly because it’s an action shot. Lilly came to the other side of Barkley’s dish when she realized she wasn’t going to get any food there. Instead of walking around him, she jumped over him. Crazy cat. She looks so innocent….

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