May 30

DIY Extra Long Curtain Rod

On to the next project! I have a feeling that I will be saying this a lot now that we are moved into the new house.  As I say, “just put it on my tab”.   Kelli is the creative genius of all our projects.  I am the one who gets the job of the doing the legwork for her amazing ideas. Need proof? Remember our rustic barnwood shelf? The good thing is that I enjoy doing the work and seeing it all come together.

Here’s to the next installment of decorating on a budget; our DIY extra long curtain rod.

When I say EXTRA LONG curtain rod I meant it!  The curtain rod itself is 12 feet long.  We cut just a little off, but with the decorative ends we total 11 ft and 6 inches!!  That’s a lot of rod….sorry Grandma, I had to say it.


With there being so much surface area to paint, I found it best to set up two saw horses and lay the rod over them so only the tips would touch the saw horses.  Knowing that I was going to cut some of the ends off, I didn’t care if they got sloppy.  See, there is a method to the madness sometimes…and other times the madness is, well, just madness. Priming

Once everything was set up, I moved on to the first step of painting…getting everything primed.

Tip: Make sure that you are in a well ventilated area when you are getting your paint on.  I would have been hanging out Bob Marley-style if I wouldn’t have had those garage doors opened.

We were able to do this 12 foot rod with only one primer can of spray paint and one regular can of spray paint.

End Caps Everything primed


Here was our weapon of choice on the actual paint.  We went with Black Rust-Oleum Lacquer paint.  It seemed to do the trick and had nice coverage.




With it being an extra long curtain rod instead of a regular size, I was a little worried about running out of paint in the can.  Luckily, we were able to get multiple coats on everything without buying that second can. I’m happy to save a buck wherever I can.


Spray Painting Finished Decorative Ends


Once everything is painted, it’s time to get the two ends on.  We got these decorative ends at the local Sutherlands Hardware store, which is where we also got the rod.

You will notice at the bottom of the end is a tip.  I matched the size of my drill bit to be just about the same size.  A little tighter here is preferred because you need a nice snug fit.


Drill bit


Then you measure to the center.  I started from the top.


moving to the middle


I got closer….



And I missed!!!  I mean honestly, how do you miss that bad!  I guess that’s why I have my day job. 🙂  Actually, once it’s up you can’t tell whatsoever.

and I missed


As for the curtain for the extra long curtain rod, Kelli took care of those!  I can build, but I can’t sew.  She got a steal of a deal at TJ Maxx!  I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen her pay full price for anything.  Gotta love that girl and her bargaining ways!


Price tag Drape package copy


Once the curtains were purchased, my next job was to make sure they didn’t drag on the floor.  I got the measuring tape out and screwed an L-bracket into the wall.  That is what I eventually connected my painted hooks to.



Drapes across window


We determined that the hooks don’t have to be pretty because they will be covered.


Drape rod copy

And voila!! The DIY Extra Long Curtain Rod is COMPLETE!!

Final ProductDrapes in Living Room

The thing I love about doing DIY projects rather than buying from a retail store is the cost savings.  This is one of the main things that drives Kelli and I to continue to find ideas on Pinterest or through other blogs. It’s fun to see how inexpensively we can create them ourselves. Plus, the satisfaction of saying “we made that!” is great and it’s wonderful to see your own handiwork in your home. It really makes it your own.

Here was our shopping list for the extra long curtain rod with prices.

  • Curtain Rod – $12
  • Decorative Ends – $4 a piece
  • Can of Primer Spray Paint – $3
  • Can of Regular Spray Paint – $4
  • Total Cost of Project – $23

Cost of other Retail locations – $90 Online

Overall, we are pretty pleased with it.  The window was definitely lacking before and now it feels complete!  Now on to the next project… 🙂



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  1. Roxanne

    What a great job ! I also love your step by step details.lots of love!

    1. Kelli

      Thanks Roxanne! This was a fun project- Eric did such a good job!

  2. Katie

    What a great DIY project! It looks so nice. I have been curious about the spray paint lacquer.
    Stopping by from 5 on Friday!

    1. Kelli

      Thanks for stopping by, Katie! The lacquer has held up well so we think it was a good choice.

  3. Becky

    Where did you get the 12 foot rod”? I’m looking at dowels, pvc pipes, and electrical conduit. They all stop at 10′.

    1. Kelli

      We got the rod at Sutherlands, a local lumberyard. Maybe you could special order the 12 foot?

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