Oct 23

Fall Fun

Who doesn’t love this time of year!? It’s my fave. I was super excited to take Charlotte to the local pumpkin patch since she wasn’t exactly of appropriate age to partake in the fall festivities last year. I used to go to Gary’s Berries in college (is that weird?) and now we just live down the road from it! My Mom came with us and we met my good friend, Michelle and “the other Charlotte”. It was chilly when we got there but once the sun came out it was pretty perfect!

Hahaaaa, I can’t stop laughing when I look at this picture. Charlotte’s face! “What the heck are my parents making me do here?”Fall Fun Fall Fun I cannot get enough of this girl in her huge leopard coat and beret. Fall Fun Charlotte is super obsessed with all things animals. She saw the goats and started going “oooh oooh!”. She bet them through the chicken wire until the kid next to her nearly got his finger bit off. Aaaand we’re moving on.Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall FunThese girls are just too much. They always get excited when they see each other, and have recently started giving each other hugs. I can’t even. Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall Fun Fall FunFall Fun

It’s hard to believe we are going to be talking HOLIDAYS soon! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather as much as we are!

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