Oct 28

Family Photo Shoot!

So, with all the madness that is raising a newborn, we haven’t exactly had time to get a professional photo shoot done. I’m pretty bummed that we weren’t able to do newborn photos, but I think the ones I did decently captured her cuteness. Last night, we decided to do an impromptu family photo shoot. We want to remember these days before they’re gone, and what better way than through pictures! The babe was fed and content and the weather was perfect. We set up my tripod and had some fun! Here’s some of what we came up with. I’ll be honest, these are only a few of about 50 that I love, but I didn’t want to bombard you with all of them 🙂 Eric with Charlotte2 On bench3With Barkley closer Looking at Charlotte forehead kiss2 family picture on pond closer Charlotte and Mommy by pondCharlotte and Eric family on lane closer family at pond3 Charlotte and Mom closer On bench2


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  1. Jodi Smith

    What a beautiful family!! Love the pictures & cannot wait to squeeze Miss Charley!

    1. Kelli

      Thank you Jodi! Hopefully next time we are at the bar she won’t be so fussy and you can cuddle with her 🙂

  2. Jena

    These are fantastic! Can’t wait to exploit your talents with my family!

    1. Kelli

      Thanks! You know I’d love to take your family pictures!

  3. Amy

    Great photos Kel! Such a beautiful family.

    1. Kelli

      Thank you, Amy 🙂

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