Feb 28

Fireside 5 on Friday

Happy Friday to you! Where did this week go?? We have a sick baby…which for us, means little sleep around our house (although it’s getting better!). Charlotte has a double ear infection and bronchialitis. Poor thing!! She’s on antibiotics and seems to feeling just fine now. Thank goodness! We’re so grateful for an overall healthy baby, and I know little ones (especially those who go to daycare) seem to pick up everything. But it’s always hard to see your little nugget not feeling well 🙁 Don’t you just want to wave a magic wand that makes it all better? If only.


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 photo db7528c5-a5c8-4eb0-9519-22997b018248_zps7d56832d.jpg

ONE– Let the fun of baby food making begin! I’m all for saving money and giving my baby the best, so making her food is right up my alley. That’s not to say that I won’t be buying the store-bought food from time to time. It’s much easier to transport that than the food in our freezer. But it’s pretty nice to just pop one of these cubes out, nuke it for 15 seconds and feed it to the babe. baby food
TWO– Charlotte is doing big girl things these days. Part of me is overjoyed, and part of me says “STOP!! STAY LITTLE!!”. Is this a normal mama feeling?
She’s gnawing on an apple in her mesh feeder, AND we started solids a few weeks ago. She loves oatmeal, and isn’t quite sure about peas. We tried sweet potatoes today and she wasn’t exactly thrilled. I’m sure she’ll get used to the taste and come to love her veggies…..right? I’m so impressed with her chewing skills. It’s like she’s been eating solids her whole life! mesh fruit peas
THREE– Can you say spoiled? This is how we roll when the whole family goes somewhere. Charley and I in the backseat and Dad and Barkley in the front. We get some interesting looks when people see a giant dog chillin’ in the front seat of the truck. Barkley in truck

FOUR– What other big girl things is Charlotte doing, you ask? Taking baths in the big girl tub!! She’s officially sitting up on her own without falling, so it was time for the transition. We put her in a laundry basket to contain her a big, and it’s worked out great. I’ll be honest, she only lasts about 5 minutes like this before she starts crying. I’m not sure what it is about the big tub that she doesn’t like. She used to LOVE bathtime in the baby bath, but she’s way too big for it now. She’s slowly getting to where she can stand it longer and longer each time. We’ll keep trying! For now, short baths it is. Big Bathbath
FIVE– I want a lot of things for Charlotte, but one of them is for her to constantly wonder and dream. I think with two parents like Eric and I, she’s bound to have a little dreamer in her. DreamerHave a great weekend!


  1. Laura

    Visiting from the link-up! We totally used a laundry basket for our daughter when she was that little, too! Great idea! 🙂


  2. Mom Rinehart

    So sorry to hear Charlotte has been sick! Glad she’s feeling better. Can’t wait to see her again! Love to all, Mom Rinehart

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