Jan 10

Fireside Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! How do weeks go by so fast? I just don’t understand. Regardless, I’m happy it’s almost the weekend! I’m working from home today and decided to keep Miss Charlotte home with me. She’s a great assistant 🙂 My new job (private practice) is pretty amazing in that I don’t have to actually be IN the office to be working, unless I’m seeing a client. There’s a lot of paperwork and report writing involved in therapy, so I can do that all from the comfort of my own home! It’s truly a blessing, and I’m grateful every day that I made this transition (and that my husband has been 100% supportive of it). Now, on to 5 things from this week…

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ONE– She is adorable! That’s all.
(Excuse the blurry iphone picture)KissesTWO– Am I the only one with ALL of my Christmas things still up….AND unopened presents under the tree??? I just haven’t found it in me to be done with Christmas yet. It’ll probably happen this weekend, but until then I’m going to enjoy every bit of the decorations! Christmas comes and goes way too fast in my opinion.xmastree

THREE– I have finally started doing some DIY projects around the house. With the new baby, projects have kind of been on hold. I don’t know if it’s just me, but getting a routine down and feeling like I have some time for myself has taken a while (but I’m perfectly OK with that as a first time mama). It feels good to get back into the things I enjoy! This is just some simple burlap garland I made for the empty windowpane we just hung. burlap garlandFOUR– Just look at these boots! My Aunt Ann got these for Charlotte before she was born. She finally fits in them, therefore she may or may not be wearing them every day. Who doesn’t love a pair of furry leopard print boots? Do they make them in adult sizes?!? (Sidenote- there’s nothing cuter than a baby in jeggings. I’m just sayin’)boots wildly cuteFIVE– “Sleep Training” has officially begun in our house. At Charley’s 4 month appointment, our pediatrician recommended that we read Kim West’s book. He used this method with his 4 kids and was successful. We started that very night, and I have to say, it’s going well! She’s not sleeping through the night by any means…and we don’t expect that, but she is sleeping for longer periods of time and going longer between feedings than ever before. Charlotte truly was getting such little sleep at night because of her frequent wakings, that she was fussy and overtired all day long! I can already see a difference in her demeanor, which is the real reason we’re doing this! It doesn’t hurt that Mom and Dad are also getting more sleep 🙂 The more sleep at night has allowed her to take better naps during the day as well and she’s learning to self-soothe, which is a life skill she had to learn. SO, all in all, we’re happy with the results and would recommend this to any parent needing some help in the sleep department!sleeping Enjoy your weekend!

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