May 29

Our Fishing Adventure

We went out for a date night at Perry Lake last week. We brought a picnic and caught some fish! It was a great way to spend a week night doing something a little off the beaten path. Caught one He caught one!


I just love these pictures of Eric 🙂 What a handsome hubby I have!


Just fishin


We had the most perfect weather and are just so grateful to be able to get to a beautiful lake in 10 minutes. Up in Sidney, we had less accessibility to lakes (and trees!), so we’re feeling very lucky to be where we are now.


Lake Perry Smiling


We are just dreaming of the day that we bring our little one out fishing with us. For a while, she’ll probably be strapped in a carrier just taking it all in….but soon enough she’ll be out there with her very own fishing pole! Eric will be such a great teacher.


Me fishing Standing

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