Apr 23

Garage Sale Find: $5 DIY Chevron Bulletin Board

We had a great time last weekend at a local community garage sale. Tons of homes had their junk (or as we say, treasures) out on display for crazies like us to hunt through. I knew Eric was the one for me when I realized our shared love for garage saling and bargain hunting. It’s the little things people!

When I saw this huge bulletin board for $1 I had to snatch it up. I immediately knew what I’d do with it. We’ve been needing some extra space in our new “message center” for a calendar and other random things to keep the organization efficient. I bought some chevron fabric at hobby lobby a few months ago when it was on sale. I knew it’d fit and be a perfect addition to this sad bulletin board.

Garage Sale Find:DIY $5 Chevron Bulletin Board

Blank Bulletin Board
I started by measuring the fabric and making sure I’d have enough on each side to staple down. I cut off the excess.

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board
Then I used my trusty staple gun and started stapling the fabric to the back of the bulletin board. I decided that I wanted a cohesive so I put the fabric right over the wood frame. I could’ve taken off the frame, painted it, covered the cork board and replaced the frame. It’s really whatever look you’re going for!

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board
For the edges, I used the wrapping paper method. I just folded it over just like you would when wrapping presents. Then just staple it down to really hold the edge down.

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board
So this is what it’ll look like on the backside.

How to make DIY fabric covered bulletin board
And here’s it’s new home!! It’s a perfect fit and super functional for us. The message center is a work in progress and really an effort to keep organized. So far so good!

Command Center

Finished DIY Bulletin Board
One of my biggest tips for this project is to make sure you pull the fabric taut each time you staple. This just ensures that is all uniform and as tight around the frame as possible.

This is one of the easiest (and cheap!) projects you can do at home. So I say get out there, get your garage sale on, and transform someone’s trash to your treasure!

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