May 12

Garden Update

I had my wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday….yuck. I was really nervous going into it, but was pleasantly surprised at the good experience I had….aside from the effects Vicodin had on me (i.e. evening spent hugging the toilet). I won’t be taking that anymore, that’s for sure!
Other than the wisdom teeth removal, we have been keeping busy doing all sorts of projects around the house. I’m sure you’re not surprised by that. I have a whole list of blog posts to write, now it’s just taking the time to do them!

A couple weekends ago, Eric and I put all of the plants from the indoor garden outside in our lovely raised bed gardens. It’s just so fun to go out there and watch our little seedlings grow!

With the planting of the garden, we desperately needed a gate to keep Barkley from trampling all over our new plants. So, of course my handy husband went to work making an awesome new garden gate! I can’t get over how talented he is! He made this gate in a couple of hours…blows me away.

When it came time to plant the cucumbers, I knew we needed some kind of trellace to keep those babies off the ground. Once again, Eric came to the rescue and created a trellace for me in no time (see the right side of the front garden). He took two old pipes, placed them deep in the ground and attached chicken wire across the pipes. Now the cucumbers have some wire to crawl up!

The front plot has potatoes (front two horizontal trenches), carrots, onion, sweet peppers and cucumbers.
We have a huge compost that we keep up with on a daily basis, so we made sure to give the garden soil a nice dose of compost soil after tilling it up. We also tested the soil with a soil tester before planting anything. The PH is perfect! Now let’s just hope the veggies agree.  This is the back garden. We decided to devote this plot to corn (on the far left) and tomatoes only. I haven’t planted to the tomatoes yet because our weather is so uncertain right now. They will be planted soon, with the homemade tomato fences protecting them. This is the baby corn up close.Another new feature this year on the garden is the drip system. We got it on super sale at our local hardware store and thought we’d give it a shot this year. That’s the black hose you see in this picture. It’s such a handy way of watering all of our plants in the garden. Just turn on the hose and let it do its thing!Let’s hope the Sidney weather holds up and doesn’t hail or freeze on us. You just never know here!

So what about you?

Have you planted your garden?
Have any tips on the veggies we planted this year?


  1. Jann Lawler

    Love it! That Eric is so handy.

  2. mom

    Wow, it looks great! I wish I was so motivated:( Good job,both of you!

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