Oct 04

Grand Cayman was a Grand Time!

Do you like my catchy title? I’m just so clever. har har har

I finally received the photos back from our underwater camera! We took this to Grand Cayman on our stingray/dolphin excursion. Eric bought me this for my birthday…how sweet. Swimming with a dolphin has been on my bucket list, so I got to check it off!

They wouldn’t let us take pictures during the dolphin swimming part, so we don’t have any of that, but lots of the sting ray encounter! It was so cool because we got to interact with them in their own habitat, the middle of the ocean! Our boat stopped on a sand bar, we got off and the sting rays flocked to us. Apparently they are so used to humans, and they know that we’ll feed them, so they’re very friendly. They literally swam up to our legs and rubbed against us. It was definitely freaky in the beginning but I slowly got used to it. The first time a stingray rubbed on my leg, I swiftly jumped into Eric’s arms….just like that, it was an immediate reaction. In no other situation would I have been scared and literally jumped into Eric to hold me, but in the ocean…with a deadly animal, I guess it was instinct.

The guides said that it was 7 years good luck if you kissed the stingrays!  The verdict is still out on that one, but we will keep you updated. So far so good!

What a cool feeling this was!

That’s a wild dolphin!  We were told by our guide that locals call this one Stinky.  He is known to be aggressive and a loner. They told us to steer clear of ol’ Stinky. Noted.


The lagoon below was where we swam with the dolphins.  it was pretty incredible!!  We put life jackets on and actually swam with, petted, and rode the dolphin like a surf board…j/k!This was an experience that I wont soon forget.

So that was our Grand Cayman adventure!  It was so cool to have the chance to try such a unique thing like swimming with stringrays and dolphins.

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  1. mom

    Once again…awesome pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them.

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