Feb 10

Indoor Garden: How To

Last weekend I got started on planting my indoor garden! I did this last year and it saved us so much money when it came to planting our first garden.
The point of this method is to get several seed starters of what you plan to grow in the garden, so that when it comes time to plant what you’d like in the garden, you’re not buying the expensive plants from the store. And the best part is that it’s super easy!

I bought only seeds that I’d like to grow in the garden. I also got three herb seed packets to grow both inside and outside.

I bought two large greenhouses from Wal-Mart at $3 a piece. All of the seed packets were 89 cents a piece. I do have seeds left over, but will only use them if these seeds don’t succeed.

First, fill all 36 plastic holders with a good seed starter dirt mix (at Wal-Mart for $2 per bag). I only needed one bag for all that you see here.

Make sure the dirt is damp first.

Make about an inch indentation in the dirt. Insert about 2-3 seeds per indentation. Cover with dirt. Add enough water for them to be damp, not completely saturated.I did the same for the herbs, but put them in these larger biodegradable containers.
I made two indentations in these containers, with 2 seeds in each.
Then place plastic wrap over the container, secured with a rubber band. This will create a greenhouse effect.Make sure to label the sections so you know what will be growing!
I made the mistake of not doing this step last year. For about 2 months, I thought I was growing lots of cucumbers, when in reality they were tomatoes! Woops.

Make sure that you keep the dirt moist at all times. Do not let it dry out. You should be watering with lukewarm water.
Place the containers in a warm room without direct sunlight.
When you see the first bud coming out, place the greenhouse in sunlight inside. When they really start growing, remove the lid little by little until the lid completely comes off and place it in direct sunlight.

You will soon have a full indoor garden that will just be screaming to be planted outside!! I had great luck with this method last year and am confident anyone can do this at home. It’s so rewarding to watch these go from little seeds to vegetable-producing plants. So, go out there and get your grow on.

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  1. mom

    Way to go! Let’s just keep the hail away this spring!!!

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