Feb 28

Indoor Garden: Update

If you want to know how fast your indoor garden will grow, I’ll show you.
These pictures were taken 4 days after I planted the seeds….At the first sign of a bud coming up to the surface, pop open the lid of the greenhouse container. This will allow more air to get in. You can now introduce it to a bit more direct sunlight.

Once the buds are about a half inch above the dirt, lift the lid completely off and place in direct sunlight.It boggles my mind that those tiny little suckers can become full on plants in a matter of days!The herbs took about 2 weeks to emerge. I think this is because they were in larger containers.Notice the greenhouse effect…
That condensation is exactly what you want when the seeds are doing their thing.I have a thing for watching plants grow. It makes me so excited! And then I can look at the full plant and say, “that came from a tiny seed in my own greenhouse!” I delight in the little things…


  1. Karen-mom

    Do you leave these in the windowsill? I was wondering how the weather from the window would affect the saplings when they are in a greenhouse (albeit a small greenhouse!). Also, are you using any sort of a grow-light? Last year when I grew seeds, the plants were long and stringy and weak. I’ve heard a grow-light helps.

  2. Kelli

    I grow these on a shelving unit that’s up against a window. Surprisingly, the cold air from the window has not affected the plants. They didn’t last year either, which is great. I’m sure a grow light does help, but I found from last year’s plants that they grow just fine once they’re in the ground. Are you doing an inside greenhouse again this year? Let me know how it’s going!

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