Feb 04

It’s official!




We are officially home owners! And it feels so good.
We’ve actually been owners of this house since last Thursday but with the hustle bustle of the move, I’m just getting to telling you about it! Warning: We don’t have Internet at the house quite yet so I’m writing this post on my phone. You’ll have to bear with me- posts will be quite brief until the Internet is installed (which will be in the next 3 days, fingers crossed!).
We have been so blessed with every aspect of this move, and the last part is no exception. The movers arrived with our belongings on Friday. They put boxes where we wanted them, set up our bed, couch, etc which was amazing! We’ve had the help of some awesome friends and family- whether it be letting us store our appliances in their garage, cleaning, unloading or lending a helping hand to unpack. Thank you to all of you! It’s been great.
The house is really starting to feel like a home as boxes get unpacked. Sometimes I look around and wonder how its all going to get done. But then I realize this is how everyone feels when they move! And yes, it will get done in time.
Here’s a little look into a few of the rooms in the house. Again, it’s messy so please look past that! I can’t believe I’m showing these to the public…






More pictures to come! And don’t you worry, Eric and I already have a huge list of DIY projects in the queue. Get excited!!

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  1. Deb

    Your new home looks so nice! And the country setting is great too! So happy for you two!

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