May 30

Ladder Herb Garden

I’ve been wanting a small space designated for herbs only. And, who’s surprised, the hubs made one! And not just any “space” for herbs. It’s the most unique herb garden I’ve seen, and I’m in love (with the herb garden and my handy hubby, naturally).

When my parents were visiting over Easter, my Dad (who is also amazingly creative) suggested that we use some of our old drawers that were hanging out in the burn pile for something. Those two creative minds came up with this shelf ladder concept that is now my herb ladder garden! Wow.

This is Eric planning it out. I’ve learned how to plan before creating from him. I tend to just not quite think projects through before going to town.

These are the three drawers that he used.He attached plastic to the insides of all three drawers to keep water from ruining the wood. Genius, I tell ya!

And here she is!

We’ve got green onions, cilantro and basil

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