Aug 24

Lamp Re-do

I bought this lamp at a garage sale a couple years ago. I tend to stockpile items that I have ideas for, but don’t always get to the projects in a timely manner. This was one of those projects. The lamp re-do took me about 2 hours total, cost me absolutely nothing, and is such a transformation. Here’s the deal. My plan was to recover the lampshade with a pretty fabric.
I had little confidence in my ability to do this. Therefore, I took no pictures of the re-covering process. This is what I do, subconsciously, when I don’t think a project I’m doing will turn out. For anyone that knows anything about me, I tend to rush through projects and not measure, think things all the way through, or be very detail-oriented. It’s just how I was made. Taking the time to be particular makes me go bonkers. I knew that covering a lampshade would take some precision and patience….two things I don’t always have. This project, however, worked out perfectly, without making me be a crazy person! Maybe I’ll try another lampshade re-cover and do a full tutorial on it. That’d be handy for anyone who is interested in trying it at home.

When painting the lamp base, first I wiped it down with a damp cloth. Then, I sanded down the whole thing with sand paper. Then, I used mustard yellow paint and did a light first layer. I let that dry and repeated three times until I had the finish that I wanted.

To cover the lampshade:

Essentially, I made a template on paper by tracing the lampshade. Then, I measured (yes, you saw that right) one inch away from the traced line to act as space to fold down over the lampshade on the fabric. Then, I carefully cut on the line. Finally, I placed the fabric on the lampshade and glued one end down. I started from there and folded down the fabric on the top and bottom of the shade, gluing on the inside as I went. To hold the glue in place, I put clothespins on the top and bottom of the shade. I kept these clips on for 24 hours to make sure the glue held. 

And this is the final product! It lives in my work office. It brightens my day 🙂See that awesome desk? The hubby made that for me. It’s amazing…and so is he. The coolest part about this desk is that he’s making more and you can have one too! We’re custom making them, so let us know if you’re interested in your very own barnwood desk!


That’s all folks!


  1. Deb

    Love the lamp AND the desk! Great fabric and color choices.

  2. mom

    Once again, I’m impressed. You have vision, like your dad, to see things that have potential that not everyone can see! Love it!

  3. Jann

    It looks awesome! I do the same thing with stockpiling. Great for a cold rainy day! Love the table too. Tell Eric great job!

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