Jun 05

Lilly Kitty: Our Newest Family Member

Meet Lilly!

She is tiny and adorable and cuddly, and no, she and Barkley don’t get along….yet.
Our friend’s girlfriend had to find a new home for cute little Lilly because her boyfriend, our friend, (confused yet?) is allergic to kitties. He told us two Wednesdays ago that they were looking and she was living with us that evening. I’ve always had a love for cats and have long wanted one to join our little family. I couldn’t be happier! She is quite a people-cat, which I love. Barkley wants to play and frolic around with her, but she’s just not so sure yet. Let’s be honest, if someone 10 times my size wanted to be friends and chase me down the stairs, I’d probably be frightened too.

Lilly Kitty: Our Newest Family MemberLilly Kitty: Our Newest Family MemberLilly Kitty: Our Newest Family MemberMy piano students like her too. She’s taken a liking to the top of the piano (probably because Barkley can’t get her there, but that’s besides the point), which means that she stares down at the kids while they’re learning piano. Everyone likes an audience, right!


  1. mom

    The picture of Lilly standing up really shows how CUTE she is!!!

  2. Carly

    Awww I love her!

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