May 21

Living Room Reveal

Sending our hearts and prayers up to the friends and family of those who have lost lives and homes in the Oklahoma storms. It just breaks my heart to watch the coverage and I can’t imagine what so many people are going through this morning.


I’ve kind of been avoiding posting any pictures of our living room since we moved in. We still had our old furniture and it just wasn’t quite doing it for me. Luckily, our new furniture finally arrived and it’s a perfect fit.

I was also able to find the cutest little table for our entryway at TJ Maxx. It was marked as $79.99, but thanks to my bargaining friend, Jenn, I got it for $70. There were a few scratches, so when Jenn pointed those out to the manager, she cut us a deal. Thanks again, Jenn!! It’s still not styled quite how I like, but like most things in our home, it’s a work in progress. IMG_6263


Of course the sunburst mirror had to make it’s appearance. I made this out of paint shims and a store bought mirror. Find out how to make your own here.
I have a vision of a nice big fern in a cute pot on the left and a picture frame or two to spruce it up.




How did Lilly get in here? I just had to share her cuteness…it’s usually Barkley that steals gets the spotlight.

Lilly on couch


There’s the recently painted hutch on the right, and my DIY spring wreath on the left.


Living room from behindAnd here’s the new couch! It’s super cozy. We’re pretty much in love.

Eric and I walked into the furniture store and saw this gem staring back at us. We looked at each other and said, “that’s the one!”. We looked around the store of course, but always came back to the slate gray couch as our favorite. Luckily, Eric and I tend to agree on big decisions, but I’m always pleased when we can walk out of a store, purchase made and we both got what we wanted! That’s a good feeling. Living room full viewNow for the dining room wall color….the purple/maroon just isn’t doing it for me. Anyone envision a pretty green rocking the walls? I need opinions!

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