Feb 09

A Look Back

After 5 months with our precious little gal, I am reminiscing on the weeks leading up to her arrival. I was lucky enough to love pregnancy. Even when I wasn’t feel well, I was still always so excited that I was cooking up a baby- I knew that there was a REALLY good reason for feeling yucky. I know that might sound obnoxious to those women who were sick for 9 straight months! I do consider myself lucky and I hope I continue to have easy pregnancies.

Eric and I made an effort to take a photo of me every week, wearing the same outfit. It’s so amazing to see the transformation! It’s also kind of embarrassing to see my face get more and more bloated…if only I took photos of my feet, ick. And I gotta love those fake smiles on the mornings where I was feeling less than my best.

I remember thinking at every stage that I was just “HUGE”, only to find myself getting bigger and bigger in the weeks ahead. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I loved watching the numbers on the scale increasing because it meant that our daughter was growing like she should. I have heard women say that they never truly knew themselves until they became a mother. I agree with that wholeheartedly. I’ve learned more about myself in the last year that I could’ve ever imagined. These photos are such a representation of that journey.pregnancy collageThe 38 week picture was taken a day and a half before Charlotte was born! It was our third wedding anniversary 🙂Week 19 OnWe’re getting ANOTHER round of snow here this morning. Looks like it’s a baby snuggles, Olympics and DIY project kinda day. Hope everyone stays warm and has a great Sunday!

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  1. mom

    Awww, that’s so great that you have a record of your pregnancy!

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