Jun 06

Miss Charlotte: 9 Months

I really can’t believe our baby is 9 months old. This has, by far, been the fastest (and most fulfilling) 9 months of my life. I just keep thinking….she’s going to be a year old in the blink of an eye! My oh my.

Charlotte is 16 lbs 4 oz. She is pulling up, crawling so fast, walking a few steps with a walker, has TWO teeth coming in, and LOVES to eat. Her personality is really coming out- she is starting to do things to make us laugh, blowing bubbles and making funny noises and then laughs at herself. Charlotte learns something new everyday, and so do we!
She loves to stand up in the bathtub and then plop down in the water, making a big splash. She does it over and over and giggles at herself each time. One of my coolest things is bringing her in public and watching people’s faces as we stroll by. She makes everyone smile, and most people comment on her red hair. I think it’s such a sweet gift to have a little girl who makes strangers smile as they’re doing mundane things like grocery shopping.
She has been through so much illness in her short life and is truly my little hero. She has been sick more than she hasn’t and really is such a trooper. She was always laughing and smiling, and must have a really high pain tolerance for all of those darn ear infections she had. With that said, I realize that it could be SO much worse and we are truly so blessed for an overall healthy child who does get better with medicine (or tubes) and is so happy. I can’t believe I get to be her Mom! 9 months vanilla smile and lane Smiling tongue out up close with hat

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