Nov 12

Miss Independent

Charlotte CollageHello! I thought I’d do a little photo update of our little munchkin. I want to remember every stage of this sweet girl’s life, so this is my place to do just that!

“On the move” is putting it lightly these days. She’s RUNNING for gosh sakes. Her personality is really starting to develop, so it’s been fun to watch her grow into a little person. She definitely likes to be independent- everything from sitting at the bar to eat (who needs highchairs anyway?) to cleaning the floors herself. As shown in the pictures above, when she wants to wear her winter hat for snack, that she does. Getting myself ready for work in the mornings is proving to be quiet difficult with a mobile one. She entertains herself by taking EVERY. single. thing out of the drawers as I rush to put myself together.

She is very determined and persistent, which are two traits I had as a little one. I’m hoping to really harness those characteristics and encourage her to use it them to motivate, rather than label her as being “stubborn” or “hard headed”. It’s all about the positive re-frame, people! She is SUPER smiley these days and likes to laugh when everyone else is. She is shy around new people, but LOVES visitors. We have a driveway alarm that alerts us when people drive down our lane. When she hears it, she seriously loses her mind!

She is obsessed with animals…of all kinds. I took her to the petstore the other day, which by the way is the best free winter activity! She loved watching the guinea pigs run around, and even liked the snakes….I guess it’s in her blood or something (ie. DAD! not Mom :)) When she saw the room of cats, she went bonkers. It was only fitting to buy her the cat beanie for this winter. It’s no secret around our house that I’m a cat gal, and Eric’s more of a dog kinda guy. Charlotte may or may not be persuaded by her Mama on this one. However, she is becoming very affectionate toward Barkley as of late. Her Dad might be rubbing off on her too 🙂

Everyday is exciting with a toddler. We just love seeing her excitement with every new thing she’s discovering, and learning who this little person is!

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