Jul 25

My Iced Coffee

I am in love with iced coffee in the summertime. I can’t seem to drink hot coffee in the morning, so the iced version hits the spot.

McDonalds’  is my favorite….mostly because that’s the only place in my small town that makes them. But regardless, they’re amazing. Yet, buying one every morning doesn’t quite fit my budget. I’ve read a lot of other recipes for iced coffee, like this one of Pioneer Woman’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s looks divine. But I needed something that would be quick and easy. So this morning, I was determined to make my own that tastes the same at my McDonalds’ fave.

And I did. It’s true. I’m sipping on it now and my taste buds don’t even know the difference.

Here’s how it goes:

1 pot of coffee- about double the amount of grounds to water so it’s double strength
French Vanilla Creamer
2 Tbsp Sugar

Fill your cup with ice. Pour coffee over the ice, about halfway up the cup. Fill the other half with part creamer, part milk. Toss in 2 Tbsp sugar. Mix well. Enjoy!

6 cups of coffee made 3 glasses the size above, so I have 3 day’s worth of iced coffee ready to go!


Try it and see what you think!



  1. mom

    I do the very same thing sometimes because hot coffee just starts my day out way too hot in this humidity and I follow almost this exact recipe…like mother like daughter:) Have some ready for me this weekend! love ya…

  2. mom

    You did have some for me this weekend and it was delicious…thanks!

  3. Ray

    I have that same cup!

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