Jun 12

Over the Weekend

We were lucky enough to have two back-to-back wonderful weekends!

We love getting away, seeing friends, seeing sites….but it takes us away from all of the fun DIY projects we’re into right now. Get ready for lots of new posts about what we’ve been up to. But for now…the traveling:

This past weekend we went back to Kansas City for one of my BFFs baby shower! It just so happened that my hometown, Salina, was also having their annual River Festival the day we drove into Kansas. So, so perfect.

Eric was introduced to the festival for the first time over the weekend. He has heard me talk about it for 3 years now and I know he thought it was just some nostalgic thing I had for my hometown. But he admitted that it was all that I cracked it up to be! We saw lots of family friends, drank some brew and listened to live music. What could be better on a summer day/evening?!Jena’s shower was lovely, as I had expected. Get it? Expected, haha.
It was awesome to get to be there to see all the adorable baby presents, see her new house and really just hang out for a full day together. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!
What a beautiful pregnant lady 🙂 Can’t say I’m surprised!Jena and Jordan on the Plaza. Holler for the first pregnancy picture (even if it is the last trimester)!We stopped back through Brookville on our way back home to see the progress on “the bar”. My parents and brother are in the process of renovating an old mercantile in a small town outside of Salina. They are turning it into a really cool, old-timey bar called the Sandstone Saloon. We’re all so excited to watch the progress and even more anxious to see the final product!

That’s all folks! Another great weekend in the books. This coming weekend, Eric will be partaking in a fishing tournament and I’ll be off to high school dance camp in Greeley, CO. I have fond memories of dance camp when I was in high school, but am a little nervous to see what it’ll be like as a coach. Wish me luck!

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