Sep 10

Party Animal

The birthday weekend has come and gone. We were all exhausted by Sunday night! But, seriously, i can’t imagine it going any better than it did. Charlotte did SO well with all the people and excitement. That little girl never ceases to amaze me.
I decorated my little heart out. I think I found my new calling…party planning. I love everything about it! And I couldn’t have made this party a reality without my Mom’s help! She did all the grocery shopping, made her birthday banner, made cookies, while I laid on the couch with a stomach virus that decided to grace me with it’s presence on Thursday and Friday before her party. Thanks again, Mom!
We woke her up from her nap on Saturday with balloons in her crib! She really didn’t know what was going on, haha. balloons in crib In crib with balloonsThe kids played together while the adults visited. It was so cute to see all of our friend’s kids in one room getting along so well.
colin and charlottethe kidsAnd just look at this love! Charley saw that her BFF, Charlotte (yes it’s confusing), was at the party. She crawled quickly over to her and gave her the biggest hug!! Is that not the cutest thing in the world?!? As you can see by our faces, it melted us! Charley hugging Charlotte And of course we did a smash cake! Because what’s a first birthday party without one?Highchair Highchair with cake   looking at charlotte with cake Family with cake She was very delicate with her cake. Once she realized how delicious the icing was, she put huge gobs of it in her mouth. Pretty cute watching her eat her first bit of sugar!looking to the side with cakesmiling with cakesmiling with cakeup close with cakeWe opened all of the wonderful presents. Charley loved the green frog so much, she had to give it a big hug! What is with this sweet girl and her hugs? I can’t even handle it. hugging the frog opening presents Our good friends (more like family) came to visit from Owasso, OK. We had such a fun time celebrating with them. Jenn is expecting a baby boy in December, so we will have lots more to celebrate very soon!!Tuttles and Rineharts with dad and grandpa with michaelAnd Sunday, the Haug family came over to celebrate Charlotte and Uncle Steve’s birthdays! We had lunch, opened presents, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  opening puppet grandpa and tom haug boys boys with grandpa blowing out candlesLast weekend was the best time! I’m so glad everything went as well as it did. Thanks again to everyone who helped us celebrate Charley’s first year of life!

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